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    Kauikeouli/Kamehameha III has his suggestions documented................better that we post on e-mails for this instead of Maoliworld.....................there's a whole list of people who are doing the legal part of Ko Hawaii Pae Aina..............think I have your e-mail.............will be in contact.




    p.s. good stuff............

  • Aloha Amelia,


    It is properly a controversy for our courts.  We have certainly thought of this, but our resources to seat a judge with the proper training and absorb the cost of a judiciary is beyond our out of pocket.  Hawaiians do not pay taxes or fees to the Kingdom or do we have the revenue of our lands.   This is of course the strategy of the occupiers to prevent our exercising of sovereignty.  We will come to a point where we can address the wrongs and not by a Federally recognized tribe.  The et als do not have the same approach to these issues as Dr. Sai, we do not believe the US Pacific command has any jurisdiction over us. But the Alien tort is not without merrit to bring individual claims of injury. 

    So how do we put a court together?  It is a good discussion for the nation to consider.


    hui hou Kai

  • Keanu Sai, et. als.   failed to enter the PREMEDITATION issues..............and leans on only some important information......


    It appears that Keanu Sai et. als. (includes Kawaiahao Church Kahu) has created a diversion.................researchers need to check on his background as well...


    every crook gets just takes time...............



    btw has it ever dawned on you that the court cases need to be adjudicated first in the Ko Hawaii Pae Aina Courts/Hawaiian Kingdom Courts then moved into the U.S. Courts for information?


    I think that many of the "groups/governments" needs to come together for the purpose of forming the Courts of Record for the Hawaiian Kingdom/Ko Hawaii Pae Aina...............and move it to the U.S. Courts....


    right now, it appears that all of you are just respecting what the Americans have to say.........know what i mean jellybean, in a while crocodile.......speaking of creatures and jellybeans (Easter stuff)....view below....




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    Long Live Ko Hawaii Pae Aina......Kamehameha's, King Kalakaua's, Queen Liliuokalani's descendants/heirs, Kanaka Maoli, Aboriginal Hawaiians, Hawaiian Nationals!


    eyes 068



  • Sadly I believe that Keanu Sai is a Misleader!   All one has to do is to look at his Legislation that Sai had introduced in this year's Legislature!   Putting President Cleveland in the same Box with President McKinley is HEWA!  Asking the Legislature to Put a Cover UP on the hand of the Statue of the McKinley Statue is HEWA!  Asking the FAKE STATE to conduct it's own Hearings of the wrongs of the past is also HEWA!  The FAKE STATE that SUPPORTS the AKaKa BILL is HEWA!   Going to the Legislature on their knees expecting that the Legislature will Correct the Wrongs of the past, is HEWA!  

    How HEWA can HEWA last?  Long Live The Hawaiian Kingdom, o Pomai

  • Mohandas Gandhi was an attorney and he knew the courts have a role in this process. He had the advantage of numbers and could force the issue.  We need the court to create the issue, in as much as knowing the injustice and still trying to present a legal cover for piracy.  this also forces the issue.


    Aloha Kai

  • Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi "forced the issue" !   These kinds of things are NOT settled in a courtroom by a judge. 


  • Just checking in and will get back to read this cite.  Mahalo for keeping us on top of the case.
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