ku's comments on March 16 Advertiser's article on Akaka Bill

kuching wrote:

This newspaper's bias shines through the propaganda coming out of DC.

"Government" - What government?

The bill allows Native Hawaiians to form an "Entity!" (see text of the bill)

Since when does an "Entity" equate to a "Government?" It never does and never will - Whatever an "Entity" is?

If justice and fairness is the name of the game - Mr. Akaka - Please schedule hearings in Hawai'i - on all the islands - where people subject to your tainted bill live.

Your one and only hearing in 2000 on the first of your tainted bills (AND its successive amendments) in Honolulu - showing overwhelming overall opposition to your bill, after which you cancelled hearings on the neighbor islands using surgery as an excuse - has never been revisited.

Having hearings in DC by invitation only - of guaranteed supporters and ONLY them - is a blackeye to real democracy. Let the "real" people speak. Justice demands nothing more. HOLD HEARINGS IN HAWAI'I !!

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Comment by Kai Landow on March 16, 2009 at 11:32am
You're right as always!!

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