Aloha!... Within the reality we're educated today, we stirve for well being. What dose it take to understand? the answers  are never in words but only in DOings. Respect is'nt somthing said, its somthing done. Our Ali'i set a political foundation for all kanaka maoli. In doing so we have a responsibilty to excersize, maintain, and preseve a culture that reflects a defenition of who we are and where we come from(practicing this in any way is respect). What is this political foundation?.. most people ask this. In july 1839 Kamehameha III along with the royal privy council created and founded the constitutional nation KO HAWAII PAE AINA also naming Kanaka Maoli as the body people with the vested rights(this gave the people the inherited right to responsibiltys and juristictions). In doing so the monarchy was desolved(this means that the king is not president politicaly unless voted in) and parlimentary style goverment was established by the qualified voters ( a natural born citizen who is of age and compentency to vote on national matters)who were Kanaka maoli. this nation exsists today. we are standing on it. We no need fight for what we already have..... what happened in the past? how did it get this way? its not so simple to explain it may even be harder to accept and understand but heres the truth. our islands were a center trade route for the world for generations of time. other countries established an allegence with the kingdom and started farm plantations. united states was very young (13 colonys or somthing) and was having an effect on the globe. people from all over the world wanted to be apart of the new america. not realizing the impact it would have, our alii allowed the import of people to supply the demand for agricultral produce and product. this was happening at the same time treaties for our nation were being created. before the education could get out conspiritors fabricated documents to manipulate people in to believing things that are not true. it said that no matter what country your from( china, japan, mexico,ect...)(except Ko Hawaii Pae Aina)  you would be given u.s. citizenship and voting rights to annex hawaii( only the bigisland has the name hawaii). this is the smoking gun that still smoking today. a mass amount of people that did not know what they were doing helped to perpetuate what we know today.a foundation that is built up based on lies will not stand the test of time. the reason the akaka bill dose not have any gound is because our alii registered our aina as KO HAWAII PAE AINA and nationality as KANAKA MAOLI through due process and can not be reversed or corupted. Our minds can be corupted thruogh miseducation and religion, but we will inspire each other in a doing that is called experience. when we experiance somthing that is unacceptable  efforts are made to corect a situation. lets stop trying to correct whats in the past and take responsibility for the future. "We the kanaka maoli a oiwi a Hawaiiloa o Ko Hawaii Pae Aina, hereby give legal public notice of Declaration of continued de jure constitutional independant neutral status".

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Comment by Kaohi on April 21, 2011 at 8:34pm
Much aloha

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