Kanaka maoli !!!! let us stop calling our self Hawaiian. Yes im telling you!.... Education and religions has helped to prepetuate a knowing that we live by. With excersize and discipline we can recondition our mind, body, and spirits to achieve our goals. Accepting who we are and where we come from sets a foundation for growth. We all (human beings) feel thretened of the thought that life as we know it will end. life as we know it ends on a daily basis, this is what drives the parinoia in all cultures. what if "life as we know it, ending" were a good thing. All I ever learn in the past is that hawaiians have to fight fight fight for there land, and just accept the things that the "state of hawaii" allows. I am now learning of my true knowing. I AM A KANAKA MAOLI........ think good thoughts and it all will be recieved.

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Comment by David Heanu on March 31, 2011 at 10:50am
mahalo to all who seen and read this blog. i dont go on the computer enogh to respond quick. ive come aware of the legaly patented neutral constitutional nation fo KO HAWAII PAE AINA that our ALII set a foundation for. this is not excersied because the knowledg of this exsistance was set aside to protect thoses who had an intrest in some type of profit. the constitution gives a birth right to all who are born on these aina no matter what country the parents originated from. this means there are more kanka today than yesterday and growing everyday. the U.S. end the federal goverment dont reckonize hawaiians and the akaka bill because there is no land registered as "HAWAII". we dont have to create our own goverment our alii did that. when we re-establish comunication with our selves and the world as a country, it will be called soverngty for kanaka. Im intrested in talking with some influintal people for a better understading to create a process. I live on the puna side of the big island. my dad is Moses Heanu he stays down at Kawa'a with uncle Able. Aloha!..  http://kohawaiipaeaina.net/
Comment by Kaewaokalani on March 31, 2011 at 7:06am

Congratulation Heanu..... We are Kanaka Maoli and also Kanaka Kupa

Comment by da princess on March 25, 2011 at 9:51pm

today was a day I personally gave MY ROYAL HONOR to our PRINCE KUHIO.......it was a long day---i was humbly asked by Na Kupuna O Maui Ohana Nation to SERVE two big slabs of DOBASH and CHANTILLY cake.....under our Lahaina Banyan Tree in Respect to our Prince....i even had a little hula dancing....passed out flyers on the History of our Prince Kuhio......an Legacy he is......an example to follow~~~

I also attended the first annual Prince Kuhio Day "LAHAINA HAWAIIAN HOMESTEAD ASSOCIATION"..membership and introduction to the association  (just got home).....it is a brand new Hui (organization)....tonights  focus is on getting into the Usa laws to make these changes that all blood quantum be awarded sacred native hawaiian kanaka maoli lands.....only if lands is not kuleana, if it is that lands should be returned to kuleana ohana nations.....it will be our mission to find you..for all sacred lands will be returned to its rightful care takers to MALAMA (take care) not to own......we also talking about the homeless and that land should also be awarded to appointed Konohiki's of the Ahupua'a to manage our Maoli's that like live on the land without being forced to buy a home??? and last we talked about "COMMITTMENT" for this is not an option it is a calling and we are already assigned to each our own MISSION yet with the same purpose......we are the host culture....we are the ones to teach and educate from within first and once we get the Mana (spiritual powers) as a Unit.....we then can UNITE and educate others........mahalo Ke Akua for his Leadership and Guidance......mauruuru

Comment by Kaohi on March 25, 2011 at 9:18am

Aloha David,


Last night I came home and started typing, but what I didn't say is that I just left a meeting.  A meeting that was 'ugly' in a sense that I get so tired of our Na Kanaka sometimes.  It is difficult to beef with the system when we women have to succumb to bullshit!  I refuse to do that!  So therefore one stands alone, its best to just go home and wait for another opportunity to beef!


My Na Kupuna are wonderful people and use a lot of grace.  However, its the talking chiefs that seems at best stupid!  And last night they were in droves at our meeting in Waianae.  But, this is their cross to bear and I am not going to share the years and years of loss with them.  I have to move on.  These 'talking chiefs' do not go far or deep into the issues, situation or incidence.  They are light weight, but playing a corporate game.  And these corporations could careless--as far as they are concern 'death can happen' too bad.  That's the purpose of forming a corporation. 


So that is what had happen last night.  I am not an isolated person...I move where the opportunity and resources are so I don't stay with one group or one kine community.  And my community operate under the disguise of the Na Kanaka, but launch wars in multiple hoops all over my community.  So I try to stay light and move quickly. 


I work out of pocket and gum chewing!  So, I spend a lot of time communicating like the rest of the world on this maoliworld.  There are other places that I can go, but I don't cause when I speak--I say a lot.  The two sentences that goes on on facebook etc.. is just that without experience, argument, and a sense of ones identity.  But that is just me talking cockey. 


I don't know what transpired in the end, but the talking chiefs were trying to keep themselves and the whole community down in the dumps or the abyss.  We needed to pop our heads out of the ground.  A while back the corporation shut down our Olelo because we were confronting the biggest issues and that is the military poisioning our people with Nuclear Isotopes.  It was the way they did it that concerns me and which is in my corner of the world--genocide. 


People in the world are protesting for their internet being shut down..at that is what had happen to Olelo in our community.  We were shut down by the bankers! and our Na Kupuna bought or sided with the bankers.  That is the transition for Waianae...forclosure! 


We are headed into a Palestine situation, a take over of Waianae, and the Na Kupuna are giving the bankers a chance to undo every house in Waianae that is Na Kanaka and that is their speculation or sustainable plan.  So very very sad!

Comment by da princess on March 25, 2011 at 6:31am

for me i am a native hawaiian kanaka maoli, period.  you can not be a kanaka maoli and an american christian at the same time.....you just can not. you are kidding yourself.....i rather be a hawaiian than a christain american....RELIGION of anykind other than native hawaiian kanaka maoli have no place on our Hawaiian Kingdom Islands. Native Hawaiian is 50% or more in the law of this illegal fake state government (1920) and kanaka maoli is just having the bloodline (even if it is in your toenail)......what makes the difference is our daily actions of who we are and where we belong? Even if you are a Native Hawaiian Kanaka Maoli your conduct may be christian american (sneaky, greedy, fakers, actors,liers), read our Hawaiian History (Apology Bill) and see that the american christians had to apologize to us Native Hawaiians, not to Kanaka Maoli's. yes, those that is 50% Native Hawaiian vs less bloodline of Kanaka Maoli....that is whom Hawaiian Home Lands is awarded to a Native Hawaiian not a Kanaka Maoli, period, now is this brain washing towards our Hawaiian Nationals????? yes it is.......I feel one should have been raised by the real makoi of Native Hawaiians Kanaka Maoli, the Traditional way of lifestyle by their Living KUPUNA, not today we have books to learn hawaiian, we can not be traditional in our culture learning by the written books of mankind, we need to be taught the traditional way (all verbal by living examples)......if you can give up your comfort zone of american christian living and live off the grid on a Ahupua'a Lifestyle, i would have more RESPECT to these ones than those living the american comfort zone of living in a jungle of illegal american citizens that call themselves hawaiians, hummmm-------thats where the brain washing begins in an american christian home. WE ARE HAWAIIAN NATIONALS, we are not christian americans..........Ko Hawaii Pae Aina have done nothing for hawaiians in my generation on Maui Nui and now i see why.....they are brain washed in the christian american way of living......for only the TRUTH will prevail itself even as Hawaiians in this fake state of greedy christian americans.......be aware Native Hawaiian Kanaka Maoli's for the fake state christian american hawaiians......keep away from such ones....bad outside influenced intuders~~for one day they will also Apologize for their misleading our Hawaiian Nation.....mahalo Ke Akua for his guiding light to the Truth of EXPOSING the Lies......they can not hide~

my Blessing to your continued knowledge in our generation, thank you for sharing your mana'o....for i am an Ali'i Nui Wahine Warrior and will speak out as i see it in my generation----ask it, believe it and it will happen according to your right INTENT with the Highest Blessing guided by Ke Akua himself.....for i do believe in a higher power, however its the fake powers that i am surrounded by that i am totally aware of and i will call them on it...i pray for your strenght to see the light of TRUTH......mauruuru.........da princess of Maui Nui


Comment by Kaohi on March 24, 2011 at 9:23pm

Aloha my bradda,


My apologies for sounding off!  I understand what you are saying about love in our hearts for one another, I grew up on mihi in my grandpa's church. 


However, please understand a lot of us fight yeah!  But, we leave with love in our hearts.  That is how we survived--with love in our hearts.  I heard someone say that Hawaiians feed the world for always and yes the world respect us for that.  But, there is Wars of every kine out in the world.  And sometimes soon, like real soon we all gottah come to the table. 


We cannot let the Anglo's (Haole) keep winning at the table, we gotta beef too.  But, before we go out there in the beef wars, we gotta beef with the corporate Hawaiians that think they know bettah then us and that is where the tension is.  I beef 24 hours on this Maoliworld with all kine and on all kine levels.  Simply put, I rather do it here than on the streets--but if I have to I going do it on the streets too.


I spent ten years of my life at UH Manoa to learn how to argue.  I spent another ten years of my life in training to learn how to organize Hawaiians.  I did not go to war, but I was a young mother and gave birth at Tripler in 1968.  I understand the argument, contention and defense line of confrontation.  Sometimes, I win and most times I loose.  I wake up the next day and get ready for another battle.  I am a warrior with broke-mask so to speak. 


We  need to get out their and say De-occupation which is my favorite.  We need to de-colonize our thinking and behavior (not my favorite).  We need to take care of our families (how?) when we no more money!  We need to get up--let the tears run down our cheeks, and feel the pain in hopes we learn how to work out the kinks in our hearts, so that we can feel at peace with the things in the world that doesn't work for now. 


I wake up everymorning with a contention, a beef, an argument and prepare to stand on the defense line when someone calls for help.  When the kahea goes out one gotta be there.  Where you from?


Much aloha to you and your ohana, any kine help one can give to us that show on the protest line and call it like it is, I appreciate the good thoughts coming your way.    Much love

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