GO TO:    www.judicialwatch.org/.../nhrc-list-of-registered-names-combined

This is useless and laughable.  The first thing is that it's not alphabetized and other discrepancies due to the ineptness and disgrace of the commission that set this up. Personally, I had to remove my name twice because it was two variations of my name.  I don't know how they got my names as I didn't enroll in any list.  I strongly urge you to go through the entire list which took four days of my time to go through it all and taking breaks in between.

They should have used a private accounting firm to put it together.  Set up a criteria to follow to lessen the chance for double-listing your name.  Some on the list had exact duplication of their names, a few with variations to their names, and a few I discovered were deceased.  Those on the list were infants, children, teenagers under the majority age of 18 years. 

It would have been wise to hire intelligent people with a proper form in which would include age, birthdate, and social security numbers and contact info.  Note: the bottom of the page in small print states: Draft - Not Final      Registered but not yet certified as of June 24, 2015.

This props another question:  Where is the certified list?  Can we verify if our names are on it or not?   Why haven't the names been certified?  It was disingenuous to put names on the list that didn't voluntarily sign on to it.  With all the errors including misspelled names, duplication/variation of names, and maiden names or married names used.  How can this list be credible?

I would urge everyone to remove their names for obvious reasons.  This is the Akaka Bill reincarnate with the purpose for Hawaiian subjects to lose their Kingdom of Hawaii rights with this flippant mindset and contributors of the U.S. racist WASP doctrines of Manifest Destiny.  They have sold the Hawaiian People on one side of the story and ignored the true ramifications under international law and Hawaii's case history.  The U.S. is trying to cover its war crimes by having us become U.S. citizens which we would have to naturalize to it because we are still Hawaiian Kingdom subjects.  To choose, one has to make an intelligent and informed decision to know what you're getting into.

The Hawaiian Kingdom's government still exists; it has only been renamed a few times until it's known as the alleged-State of Hawaii's government.  It was taken over by the U.S. under the belligerent occupation and renamed; not recreated, but taken over with its bureaus/departments, offices, still existing today. 

Kana'i'olowalu is a scam to trick Hawaiian Kingdom nationals/citizens/subjects (whichever you choose to label yourself as) to confuse the ignorant who keep chasing their tails with the disinformation the U.S. puts before them to embrace a defeatist, negative mindset while selling only a one-sided story.

So, for whatever reason, you owe it to yourself and family to go through this entire list and make the list of correction and contact them to make the changes or deletion from the list.   OHA claims they have 125,000 signatures which by this list they don't have that many which means they are lying and committing a fraud.

Two other issues:  Prisoners sent to the continent, when are released from prison, would have to find their own way back to Hawaii at their own expense.  Most won't be able to return on their own.  Those Hawaiians living on the continent won't be able to return to Hawaii and would not be able to directly be involved in the governance of the tribal group's activities; they are only used for numbers to legitimize forming this elite group. 

Knowing these thing, it makes sense to remove your name or names from Kana'i'oowalu as it is a detriment for the Kanaka maoli.

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  • I'm happy to see you are avoiding the veil set before us.  The U.S. needs numbers to validate their actions, no matter how nefarious.   Those living outside of Hawaii stand a chance of losing out period.  If blood quantum is maintained, then the roll diminishes and most will not benefit from it.   The integrity of the "tribe" will become impotent and easier to manipulate.  Majority of the Hawaiian Subjects will lose out in the "deal".    The U.S. needs us to relinquish all the Kingdom's lands, assets, resources, jurisdiction and authority to them and to divert the war crimes, liability, and eliminate the statue of limitation which is still in effect.   We, as Hawaiian subjects have the most to lose and the U.S. would have the undue advantage; so, yes, it is the surrendering of everything including our unalienable rights to exist.    I would like to see everyone on board with the de-occupation process and movement; mostly because it's the right thing to do and for our benefit in the long run.

  • It must be made to look like Hawaiians "like" The Roll, Kana'iolowalu.  So plenty of people are trying to sign up !  But the very nature of Blood Quantum is that names will be coming OFF The Roll.  There are all kinds of ways to wind up with NOTHING. 
    OHA starts from with the ANYBODY can vote mandate.  Almost ANYBODY can get on the roll.  BUT, ........ ANYBODY will become  a very SPECIAL voter,  looking at 50% PLUS Hawaiian Blood Quantum.  How this is to be done is mysterious.  Illegal ! !  Hawaiians must appear to be "Indians" BEFORE they vote to BECOME "Indians".  The U.S. Supreme Court is not supposed to notice all this. 

    Please,  be careful that the whole HHCA (DHHL) act from 1921 does NOT un- ravel !

  • Claims !  Claims.  And more claims ! 
    One thing you get used to in the Hawaiian Islands,  is that Hawaiians make claims. 

    All kinds of claims !

    It is good to know that "claims" can be  settled once and for all.

  • Just your name turns the trick !

    The Ku'e petitions were "rolls" of people with allegiance to The Kingdom.  In 1921 a new "Roll" appeared. 

    Under these conditions, what would it mean to submit your application ?  The 200, 000 acre figure did not mean much.  But that you had to have an Hawaiian identity meant something.  A numerical identity even ! 

    Well, it is NOT about allegiance to The Kingdom as such ...... then.  Just that I  am a candidate to go into a group excluding other Nationals of The Kingdom as well as Hawaiians of less than 50%.  Then, furthermore,  it is a contract with Washington, D.C. directly.   Well,  maybe it is about "allegiance" after all !

    Now over 90 years later,  just to have applied smacks of RENOUNCING the Kingdom.  The Hawaiians, who died with no results at all for their application,  are being used by the DOI as evidence that the 50% PLUS Blood Quantum Hawaiians form a band of defectors from The Kingdom !  They BOUGHT into "the deal" ! 

    If you do NOT try to get your name OFF of Kana'iolowalu,  you renounce The Kingdom !

  • 2766676286?profile=originalWhy does it seem that every new house built for Hawaiians

    under the DHHL (HHCA) amounts to another nail in the coffin

    of The Hawaiian Kingdom ?2766676293?profile=original

  • "Why is it that Hawaiians are always being involved in petitions and lists?"

    First of all, when Hawaiian kanaka maoli subjects" petitioned the Queen, they sent representatives to speak for them and also many were in attendance on the palace grounds with them. The Palapala Ku'e of 1897 was to answer the Turpie Resolution of 1897 and the signatures were gathered from all Hawaiian Kingdom subjects to protest against the U.S. unlawful takeover to annex their country to the U.S. Their efforts along with the Memorial helped defeat the treaty of annexation in U.S. Congress which it rejected.

    These other petitions you refer to were instigated and put together by the U.S. and its agencies to entrap the Hawaiian Kingdom subjects of kanaka maoli blood to acquiesce in their agenda to subjugate them. IT'S A U.S. AMERICAN RUN PETITIONS AND NOT HAWAIIAN KINGDOM SUBJECTS RUN PETITIONS. TWO DIFFERENT COUNTRIES INVOLVED.

    DHHL has nothing to do with Kana'iolowalu as DHHL will remain as it is without much change; the problems faced with it will still be the same. The purpose of Kana'iolowalu is to shepherd the kanaka maoli to relinquish its Hawaiian Kingdom nationality, territory, assets, resources and unalienable rights to become a U.S. domestic indigenous Hawaiian ethnic tribe as the original Akaka Bill proposed. It's part of their U.S. racist, ethnocentric WASP doctrines of Manifest Destiny and their Indian laws apply under the U.S. Department of Interior.

    That's what this is all about. As a bona fide Hawaiian Kingdom national-subject, I refuse to give it up. Those of you who choose to expatriate and give up your rights from the Hawaiian Kingdom and formally naturalize to the United States as their citizen, it's your choice; but you will not negotiate or turn over any Hawaiian Kingdom lands, assets, resources and territory to the United States; as it still belongs to the still-existing Hawaiian Kingdom subjects and its still-existing government which the U.S. renamed as the State of Hawaii government.

    Right now the US.. is playing games to divert everyone from knowing its international crimes and continuous violations against them. The U.S. needs to comply with the laws of occupation and international neutrality and international human rights committed against the Hawaiian Kingdom subjects and their nation-state. The U.S. career-criminals must de-occupy the Hawaiian Kingdom to adjudicate the continuous crimes beginning from 1893 to today.

    Kana'iolowalu will not improve nor help DHHL nor will OHA, SCHHA, CNHA, or any other U.S. established agency or organization; it will only enslave the Native Hawaiians to bend under their will and under their power and control of their lapdogs. If it goes through and your names are on the list knowingly and you have made an informed decision to do it, and what I have stated does come true, let me say it now: "I told you so!"

  • Is there some background on this ? ?

    Why is it that Hawaiians are always being involved in petitions and lists ?

    In most representative situations,  people just line up at the polls and vote.  
    On the eve of the "regime change" of 1893,  Our Queen was "petitioned" because many felt deprived of their vote.  Around 1898,  instead of voting, came lists or rolls of names called Ku'e. 

    Over ninety years ago in 1921 people got on lists or rolls to see if they could be rehabilitated on homesteads.  A U.S. federal law was to control a Commission in the "Territory".  Naturally, rich Hawaiians had no use for that Commission.  Not ALL Hawaiians were involved.

    Today there are rich Hawaiians who have no use for the list or roll of applicants.  Other people just line up and vote,  accepting either their win or their loss on issue after issue.  Since 1921 attention has been on qualifying for a house more or less.

    So in the spirit of "fairness" the Roll Managers want to give everyone a chance at a house.  In all fairness,  every possible person's name is thrown on the Roll to avoid any notion that someone was deprived of their shot at a house. 

    At the very same time,  the fact is that any particular person's real chances are ...... against all odds.

    But your name IS on The Roll and you do have some chance.

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