Is Hawaii is still an independent nation‏ , or an Occupied Nation under distress?

Is Hawaii is still an independent nation‏ , or an Occupied Nation under distress?

The U.S., France and the U.K. recognized the Republic of Texasduring 1836 and eventually became a territory of the USAby 1840. The Joint Resolution to annex Texas during 1845 was annexingTexas as a State. Texas was not an independent nation at that time.Although Texas was an independent nation at one time during1845 it was a territory of the USA and all thecitizens voted for the annexation resolution to make Texas a state.Native Americans and Mexicans were not allowed to vote in the Texaselections only whites could vote.The native americans were and still are the rightfulowners of the land of Texas and all of the USA.Unlike the Republic of Texas the USA did not recognize the Republicof Hawaii infact they considered The Republic of Hawaii a selfdeclared republic with no legal standing.So that makes the Hawaii annexation resolution worthless becauseHawaii was an independent nation and not a territory of the USAand the Hawaiians and Hawaiian nationals were not allowed to vote forthe annexation resolution during 1898.Because the Republic of Hawaii was never formally recognized by thecongress of the USA the State of Hawaii is null and void.The framers of the Akaka bill are using the Hawaiian sovereigntystruggle to validate the illegal State of Hawaii.The U.S. supreme court has no jurisdiction over Hawaii becausetechnically Hawaii is still an independent nation becausecongress never formaly recognized the republic of Hawaii asa territory of the USA making the Hawaii annexation resolutionnull and void. A treaty of annexation was never ratified bythe senate of the U.S. congress. It was introduced to thesenate twice and twice it failed.If the U.S. supreme court rules against the Hawaiians and forselling of the Crown lands and acknowledges the claim that the Hawaiianapology law is just a resolution and not an act of congressthen the Newlands Hawaii annexation resolution becomes void and thethe state of Hawaii becomes invalid. If the U.S. supreme courtrules infavor of the Hawaiians and the Akaka Bill passesand they acknowledge that the Hawaiian apology has standingthat will invalidate the State of Hawaii once again.The Akaka bill is the only way that the U.S. congress can attemptto validate the illegal state of Hawaii by recognizing the selfdeclard Republic of Hawaii also known as the State of Hawaii until then Hawaii is and will always be an independent nation.Its important for Hawaiians to block the Akaka Bill from passage.Dan Akaka and OHA are the paramount traitors to the Hawaiian people andthe aumakua of the Independent Nation of Hawaii.The native Hawaiians were and still are the rightful owners of Hawaii.Brandish the Banner of Hawaiian Independence!
Eric Po'ohinapo
box 744kailua hi 96734
ph# 261-1814

Like they say, "Show me the money!"; Show me the treaty that was ratified! The normal procedure is two countries come together to negotiate a treaty. It then goes to the respective governments and their congress or legislator approve and ratify it into law. For the U.S. all treaties become the Supreme Law of the Land. We already know that the U.S. broke its treaties regarding Hawaii as perpetual friendship and comity, neutral, of commerce, of navigation, and Postal Union. There is no treaty of annexation; there never was one. Both the U.S. and the Kingdom of Hawai'i are sovereign, independent states and there cannot be a merger or annexation without a ratified treaty of annexation whereby the people freely give up their sovereignty and national dominium to another state. The Belligerent Occupation was protested by the Queen and some of her close supporters and the overwhelming majority of her subjects protested the annexation and pushed for the restoration of the Queen and her government. All these actions counter the U.S. validity of annexation and statehood. Without the pertinent documents, the issues lay fatuous and fraudulent, null and void; no matter what the U.S. does, the U.S. will be compelled to de-occupy in the end.


Since January 16, 1893 the Hawaiian Kingdom has been an Occupied Nation. No nation can be an Independent Nation when Occupied by another nation. No Independent Nation allows its National Flag to fly below another nation's flag for over 115 years.
Yes, the Hawaiian Kingdom nation is out there, but is out there as an Occupied Nation under distress.
I believe it's time Kanaka Maoli Hawaii stop playing with words.
Richard Pomaika'iokalani Kinney

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e Pono, Pono no oe. Tomorrow, Tuesday May 26, 2009 begins the restoration of the our nation, our country, our Homeland and our government, the Hawaiian Kingdom. He Hawaii Au, He Hawaii Makou, o Pomai
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