The intelligent mask machine is a mask machine that uses all kinds of advanced technologies, such as molecular activation and negative ion fusion, to retain and blend natural nutrients between fruits and vegetables. It enables the active molecules in the mask to penetrate deep into the skin, replenish all kinds of nutrients in time, and satisfy the modern urban women's new skin protection choices.

Chinese name foreign language name function classification

intelligent mask machine Smart mask machine skin care mask machine


1, intelligent mask machine development history

2, intelligent mask machine future trend

3, intelligent mask machine classification

4, intelligent mask machine core technology

5, intelligent mask mechanism mask characteristics

6, evaluation

The development history of

intelligent mask machine:

is afraid of the development history of intelligent mask machine, first of all, from the development history of mask. The world-famous Cleopatra often smears egg white on her face at night. When the egg white dries, it forms a tight film on her face. When she gets up in the morning, she washes it off with clear water, which makes her face soft, tender and youthful. It is said that this is the origin of modern popular facial mask. With a smile and a beautiful life, Yang Gui Fei, a Chinese woman who had seen the smiling faces of the Tang Dynasty, was very attractive. Besides the excellent living conditions such as food and daily life, China also benefited from her commonly used mask. Yang's facial mask is not.Difficult to make: use pearl, white jade and ginseng to grind them into fine powder, mix them with superior lotus root powder, mix them into paste and apply them on your face, wait for a moment, then wash them off. It can remove spots and whiten skin, remove wrinkles and luster skin. It seems that the beauty mask, which is simple, easy to do and effective, has long been used by ladies who love beauty, and has been constantly improving. After entering the twentieth Century, with the rapid development of social civilization and the different social status of women, more and more women began to join the skin beauty camp. So mask machine came into being. However, in twenty-first Century, the traditional mask machine no longer satisfied the requirements of modern urban women, and slowly began to nurture the intelligent mask machine. The future trend of

smart mask machine:

, with the improvement of living standards, people's demand for beauty is getting higher and higher. Mask, as a simple and effective way of beauty, is welcomed by more and more people, and the demand for facial mask is also increasing. With the development of science and technology, the mask has changed greatly from raw material to packaging technology. The whole market of intelligent mask machine is still in the initial stage of rapid development in our country, but at the present stage, due to the low entry threshold, competitive manufacturers and brand names, a slightly chaotic situation has been brought to light, coupled with the exposure of bad products from some undesirable manufacturers to consumers, which has led to a premature phenomenon in the mask market. In the rapid emergence decoiler straightener of mask categories, quality and safety once again become a constraint on the mask business, and may even trigger a new round of market shuffling. thatOn the contrary, the intelligent mask machine uses advanced technologies such as molecular activation and negative ion fusion to retain and blend natural nutrients between fruits and vegetables. It enables the active molecules in the mask to penetrate deep into the skin and replenish all kinds of nutrients needed to satisfy the modern city women's new skin protection mask machine. The product has many advantages and intelligent operation. Machine is a new skin care choice, healthy and safe, natural fashion, is the most popular products that consumers love mask and skin care. In 2014, China's mask sales amounted to 25 billion yuan, of which 80 million people began to use self-made mask, and it is expected to maintain a growth medical surgical mask machine rate of about 10% in the next 5 years.

intelligent mask machine classification:

3.1 according to product brand classification,

, Xia Lang intelligent nutrition mask machine, membrane lure intelligent mask machine, CUK intelligent mask machine

intelligent mask machine's core technology:

4.1 intelligent lazy person design

, a key start, fruit and vegetables into the outside, temperature, intelligent one key film, fresh mask made

4.2 polymer nano smashed

nutrients instantly into the muscle bottom, paste a mask equivalent to the traditional rice noodles ten times

4.3 high frequency blue light decomposition

thoroughly decomposition Vegetable & fruit chemical residues, to create a more natural organic nutrition

4.4 for the skin, the first micro circulation technology

ensures that the molecules of fruit and snails are not destroyed in the synthesis, surgical face mask machine and continuously provide active energy for them to keep the freshest and most natural flavor of fruits and vegetables.

smart mask mechanism mask features:

5.1 natural

fruit and vegetable mask is mainly made from natural fruits and vegetables, milk, etc., and it has not destroyed its molecular structure in the process of making, so the mask still has natural flavor.

5.2 safety

fruit and vegetable mask does not add any chemicals such as additives, preservatives, etc. The main ingredients are various nutrients and collagen ingredients beneficial to skin in fruits and vegetables.

5.3 effective

fruit and vegetable mask effective ingredients are active molecules, not only will not cause harm to the skin, but also can timely replenish the nutrients needed by the skin. The permeability of


is 10 times that of traditional mask because its molecular structure is all active molecules. The biggest drawback of the

5.5 extensibility

traditional mask is the ductility spread, because the mask size of each person needs different sizes, so the mask made by the CUK mask mechanism can be adjusted according to the facial size of different people.


intelligent mask machine is easy to operate. It is a new choice of skin care for modern urban women, health and safety, natural fashion and future development trend.

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