Ikuā ka malama - Oct 10 2007 to Nov 9 2007

Passing this along from Kalei Tsuha, who maintains the lunar calendar and gathers the natural occurrences of land and sea in her Hawaiian database:

[Aloha to us all, the companions who watch for signs in the heavens]

Aloha Gangeh! Hope this email finds you all well and enjoying the anticipated arrival of the Makahiki stars. It looks like we are officially teeter-tottering between the dry and wet seasons, as is usually expected after the Autumnal Equinox.

October 10th marks the beginning of a brand new Hawaiian lunar month known as, 'IKUĀ (Oct/Nov). During this month, the anticipation of the rising of the many star clusters named Makali'i is about to take place. This is the month known for thunder, lightening, heavy rains, strong winds, flooding, and rough seas are expected. These are all signs and elements of Lonoikamakahiki's season or Ho'oilo. Water spouts, single-pillared rainbows and sea squalls are commonly seen parading in the ocean, making their way towards our shores.

For the makahiki ceremonies, fires are lit on the morning that follows the moon phase, 'Olepau. A cessation of deep sea fishing and open ocean voyaging occurs during this time.

For all you surfer dudes and dudettes, the winter surf arrives. And, watch for the arrival of the koholā. [Note: the first humpbacks of the year have already been spotted!]

In genealogical terms -
'O Kekaiakea ke kāne, 'o Moanakea ka wahine,
hānau ka lāua 'o Hinai'aimalama ka wahine,
hānau 'o 'Ikuā, he keiki kāne nō.
Ikuā ke kāne 'o Kapohaku'ele'ele ka wahine,
hānau 'o Welehu he kāne nō.

[Kekaiakea is the man, Moanakea, the woman:
born is Hinai'aimalama, a female,
born is Ikuā, a male child indeed.
Ikuā is the man, Kapokahu'ele'ele is the woman,
born to them is Welehu, a male indeed.]

According to G.W.K. Kamanuokekula -
He mau hö'ailona. He mau hö'ailona kekahi a ka po'e kahiko, a ma laila nö läkou e 'ike ai 'o mea nei malama, a 'o mea nei, penei, 'o ka malama 'ino, ua hekili, 'o Ikuä nö ia iä läkou no laila këlä inoa 'o 'Ikuäkapohäkö'ele'ele, a i ka malama a lehua ai ka pua kö a helelele'i iho, a 'o liko a'e ho'i ka pua 'o ka 'Öhi'a, 'o Welehu nö ai.

[There are signs. These are signs for the ancient people, and from these they realized the occurrences of this month. And the occurrences are thus, a stormy month, it thunders, It is clamorous indeed, so by them was given the name Ikua-ka-poha-koelele, and in this month the sugar cane tassels and the flowers fall and scatter, and the buds of the flowers of `ohi`a form, on into the month of Welehu.]

From the 15 - 29 of October, be expecting to see the annual Orionid meteor shower making its appearance in our skies. This meteor shower hails the arrival of the Makahiki season and the rising of Makali'i. For more info and photos of this annual event, visit this website:

And that Gang, is our malama prediction for 'Ikuā.
Stay tuned for the next forecast of the rising of the Makali'i stars.

E kilo kakou i ka lewa nu'u!
[Let's all scan the high heavens!]
Kalei Tsuha

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