*I will always be a *Kanaka Maoli*

I've been away from maoliworld and found that kanaka maoli's are still being mis-treated by the state of hawaii.


They, the occupation of the united states here in Hawaii makes things un-comfortable for us kanaka maoli in our own homes here in these islands. 


They act as if we kanaka maoli are not from here. 


I'm still wondering who is the state of hawaii?     Where did they come from?   WHAT RIGHTS DO THEY HAVE OVER CROWN LANDS ?


Are they the state of hawaii legal?


Did'nt Hawaii so-called became put under the jurisdiction of the united states by the u.s congress? and now a u.s congress man is governor of hawaii, "inaugurated as governor of hawaii on I'olani Palace Grounds ?


Thats bull shit and corruption $.*  *God is not mocked


To ALL u spies out there for the united staes aka.united snakes, I am Kanaka Maoli and always will be, "WE WERE HERE FIRST"* for hundreds if not thousands of years.


Asking us kanaka maoli what rights do we have here? are you kidding me! Alot of us are still wondering who the hell is you, where did you come off as thinking you the state owns our crown lands, "Where's your Mo'o Ku'auhau ?


United States, you still never payed your rent for the use of kanaka maoli lands.





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