Hottest Lil Boosie Moments

If you are a fan of "Lil Boosie," then this is the page that you would like to be on. "The Wrap-Up Magazine" would like for you to check out Lil Boosie's hottest moments on there site. Lil Boosie, is an American rapper from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Boosie12.jpg Boosie Badazz was always a nickname that the rapper trotted out; his 2006 solo album, which included the banger “Zoom,” was titled Bad Azz, its followup three years later was called Superbad..MORE (CLICK HERE)
lil+boosie.jpg Rumors are that New Orleans rapper +Lil Boosie is hoping to release record with Trey Songz, says he used to take part in 20 shows per month...MORE (CLICK HERE)
lil-boosie-daughter.jpg LIL BOOSIE daughter has been noticed in a new visual video titled "Education." “The media doesn’t report about Lil Boosie being a strong supporter of his kids getting a good education...MORE (CLICK HERE)
lil+boosie.jpg All Lil Boosie baby mama's will be appearing in a reality t.v. show. Lil’ Boosie and his gaggle of baby mamas have their sights set on the small screen...MORE (CLICK HERE)
boosie.jpg Rapper +LIL BOOSIE a famous rapper hailing from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is reportedly now a free man from prison. He was released on March 5th. It was soon confirmed by the Angola State Penitentiary...MORE (CLICK HERE)

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