Hot spring fish farm wholesale kiss fish

Preparing for the first stage 1 The inlet and outlet of the fish therapy swimming pool spa pool must all be equipped with stainless steel mesh covers. 2 The fish treatment pool was first scrubbed with oxalic acid twice, then disinfected with potassium permanganate, then rinsed 23 times with clean water, and injected with clean water. 3 Send someone to take care of it. No one is allowed to enter the pool. It is strictly forbidden to put disinfectant, shampoo, soap and other bathing utensils into the pool. 4 Fish rushed to oxygen 8 hours before, and adjusted the water temperature at 3 o'clock, the water temperature was controlled at about 2535 degrees. Two fish have just been fed to the bath for 1 to 15 days, feeding no less than 3 times a day. 2 When feeding, the feed should be evenly distributed to avoid the peak period of human bathing. Three water changes and the requirement of Xingziyu Hot Spring Fish Therapy (5 photos) At the end of about 10 o'clock in the here morning, change a small amount of water at about 17 o'clock in the afternoon. After the water is changed, the water must be clear and the fish lively. The water temperature should be controlled at about 38 degrees. 2 When injecting water, whether it is hot or cold, you must avoid directly hitting the fish body. The action should be light when changing the water. Do not have too much action in the pool. The flow of water should not be too fast at first. Increase traffic. When changing the water, you must pay attention to the water temperature. You can first pump a part of the water and then inject high-temperature fresh water, but the speed must not be fast, so as not to cause adverse reactions to the fish. 3 The role of aquatic plants in the bath is to stabilize the small ecological balance in the bath. You must not rinse the starfish (5 photos) with clean water to keep the fish spa clean. 4 The breeding staff should observe the water temperature every 3 hours every day, and the water temperature must not be allowed to exceed 38 degrees. Notes on the opening of the four fish therapy pool 1 The oxygenation pump must work 24 hours a day. For the oxygenation system, it is regularly checked every day, and it is generally observed every 6 hours. 2 Do not enter too many people at the same time in the fish therapy pool. Children must be accompanied by an adult to enter. After entering the fish therapy pool, they must keep quiet and do not catch fish maliciously. The movement to and from the fish therapy pool should be light, so as to ensure the effect of fish therapy to a greater extent.

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