Ho`okahi Lahui Hawai`i - One Nation

Mahalo to Henry Noa and the Lawful Hawaiian Government for sponsoring and allowing all of us to celebrate the 200 years of unification of the Kingdom. Great Hawaiian Food, Speeches and Entertainment. Mahalo to Sam Keli'iho'omalu of Kalapana and Kapali from Maui for sharing their musical Talents. Also to Mahea and Hina for sharing their hula talents as well. E ola mau Na Kanaka Maoli o keia 'aina.

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Comment by Namaka'eha on January 24, 2010 at 8:08pm
Mahalo to all those who particiapted. Mahalo to my two new body guards (Keith and Nicholas) who camped and assisted at Thomas Square. These two were Haole and although they were optomistic, they were steadfast. They learned by observing and participating and had questions of their own.

Mahalo to my kuuipo, Kawika who also made this a special event by assisting to shoot the video. This event was informative and yet sensitive to all those who supproted and searched for answers. Kawika defended and stood agaist DLNR along with other Kanaka Maoli that day defending our rights as Hawaiians. It was scary for myself - don't like confrontation, but just his way of standing up for what we all should believe - our right to celebrate our culture.

Mahao to the po'e who attended and to all those near and far. Shaking it in Hawaii nei!

A tribute to all Hawaiian leaders and our Hawaiian monarchy...

keapoi namaka'eha and kawika a'a'aina

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