HINAIAʻELEʻELE ka malama July 15 - August 14 2007

Ua komo 'o Hinaia'ele'ele

Wahi a kuu hoa Kalei Tsuha i kona leka elele:

Howzit Gangeh,
July 15th marks the beginning of a brand new Hawaiian lunar month called: Hinaia'ele'ele and during this lunar month one can expect to see:
Dark clouds clinging to the mountain tops.
Hot weather with sudden heavy showers.
The sky full of dark clouds predicting that plants will be weighted down from ripening fruits.
Women and children go to the forest to pick 'ohi'a 'ai.
Rich fishing is to be expected.
Good for 'au, ahi, kawakawa, mahimahi, maiko, papio, and squid.
Kapu on 'opelu is officially placed.
Kapu on aku lifted.
Farmers spread mulch of dry grass and fern on various garden patches.
'Ulu plentiful.
Farmer spends much time fishing; women curing and salting.
Leaves are dark with maturity.

It is also know that Kumukoa hails and governs the sky – it's prominent in the morning.
I believe this Hoku Alaka'i is Mercury.

Speaking of stars... On July 28th the Delta Aquarids are scheduled to make an appearance. This meteor shower will unfortunately be faint as the luminosity of the full moon will wash out the sky.

And that's the Hawaiian Malama prediction for Hinaia'ele'ele.

Ke aloha nui.


and 'Ohu notes: The past two days have been cloudy, with the rains as predicted, and the mauna alai ia e ke kiʻohuʻohu. I have been watching the hua ʻōhiʻa ʻai going pala a oʻo i ka nahele, a pono no makou e holoholo i na awawa e ʻohi ai i nā ʻōhiʻa ʻai! ;)

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