In the 1970s everything that is Hawaiian is reawakened. From Hawaiian arts to politically being smart, is once again brought back to reality. Hokule’a makes their first voyage to Tahiti. Also Kaho’olawe is given back to the Hawaiian community by the U.S of A after destroying the island to almost nothing.  Then the first person to address the international council of congress is a Hawaiian by the name of Kowai Puna. Land is more a value of culture and spiritual than money. In 1978 OHA is created to help Hawaiians get money from the revenue at airports and businesses, but still OHA doesn’t get the maximum collection of money because America knows how much money Hawaiian will receive.  

           In this period of time, the native Hawaiian language dwindle to 1,000 kanaka how are able to speak the Hawaiian language. Hawaiian language is this banned at this time in schools and government. Within the next ten years by 1984, the Hawaiians opened the first Punana Leo. The Hawaiian movement also got the DOE to opened Hawaiian immersion schools throughout Hawaii. By the year 2011, the native Hawaiian speaker is up to 16,000 throughout Hawaii.  Every child that is in Hawaii should have the right to join the Hawaiian immersion program and let the Hawaiian culture and language grow. With the culture Hawaiian’s can gain knowledge in which can lead to power over America. The resistance is our existence but at the same time we must Ho’oulu I Ka La Hui.

           What is the modern day Hawaiian? Are you Hawaiian or Kanaka? What are you doing to reawaken Hawaiian culture in the 20th century? Create Hawaii a better place for Hawaiian!

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