Hawaiian Home Lands

Several years back, I was presented with the opportunity to purchase a lot up in beautiful Waiohuli.  At this time, the homes at Waiohuli were at the beginning stages of being built.  There were other families there who had purchased their lot from others who did not want the lot because either they lived on a different island, they were not ready to build, or they already had a home somewhere else.  I was so excited for the opportunity that was right before my eyes.  I didnʻt have any children at that time, but I always had the dream of building my own house so that when I leave this Earth, I could know that my keiki would always have a home.  I had my family behind me to make sure I would have the proper funding to do this.  Everything was beaming "green light - GO!", except for my naʻau.  I didnʻt feel right purchasing something from someone, when it was given to them.  I didnʻt feel right about "cutting" in line ahead of the many Native Hawaiians who had been waiting their turn for many years. I didnʻt follow thru.  Today, I do not live in Waiohuli.  When we go there to visit family or friends, I begin to ponder if I did the right thing.  It is BEAUTIFUL up there.  It is filled with many people we know and whom I would have loved to have as neighbors.  I still havenʻt built a home to leave to the four keiki that I have been blessed with, since then.  But as I ponder, I always end with the feeling of comfort....because I did listen to my naʻau.  Hopefully, the lot that I walked away from went to one of our kupuna who had been patiently waiting for their name to be called from the waitlist for Hawaiian Home Lands.  I will patiently wait for my turn as well.

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