Habeas Corpus filed on behalf of our Keiki

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Comment by Kai Landow on November 20, 2011 at 4:05am

Aloha Kaohi, I understand what you are saying.  These are our Keiki and we have the ohana to malama them.  The foreign courts will put rules before us and in what jurisdiction? We are saying NO to a process we have not agreed to and will not stand by while our subjects are alienated from their country.  Those parties in America who have an interest in the children's welfare can speak with us or the Father and solve this problem.  We would not go to a French court to decide on whether a Hawaiian can have custody of an American child.  Enough! We must start taking a stand for all of us, together in Aloha.  Kai

Comment by Kaohi Mendiola-Kaniaupio on November 20, 2011 at 3:55am

Aloha Kai,


I wish you well on this one.  Although I am not the 'savior' type of person (speaking for myself), I do pray (as hypocritical this may sound) and hope this case becomes a land mark!  Three-thousand children were taken from families during the Lingle years and adopted out.  Where are these children that are mostly Kanaka, we don't know.  

Today, it is difficult to become a foster care person and be single like I am. A primary care person needs to have that designated status in order to care for a child.  Another hoop to jump is guardianship from the courts, if not that child can be taken away.  What I see happening with some families that do care for children that are non/relatives is the manipulation.  The adult needing the check more than the child and the child learning the system and pit the care giver up against the system.  The care giver can go to court and lose it's case and go to jail for disciplining a child. I have seen too much going on with children and a ridiculous system.   It is the welfare, disability, social security checks that is driving the special education-accommodations into the ground.  These checks are only collectible if the child is in special ed and stays stupid!  And in this economy, one check isn't enough to live on.


Too many children are growing up sociopaths in their teens and not really understanding how their biological being, social friends, and lack of education are an influence on their personality.  And the amount of tec-information sex, drugs and violence added to the problem and need for security is the outcome.  Parental control on all tec is needed.  Usually, parents shut down the computers or the viruses happens first.  I am not saying that tec is bad, it's just that it behaves like a drug in the hands of our children as in addictions.  


In this global economy I believe we are at a point of no return.  


You have touched upon a very sensitive subject for me it is a daily cycle.  


Even throughout all what I have just said, I do believe in the family other than the system and strangers. That aboriginal generational connection must always stay intact, regardless of degrees of quality.  



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