God is Love alwaiz N will alwaiz B da God Love..

Halelu 136: 1-5
E mililani aku ia Iehova, no ka mea, ua mau loa kona lokomaikai.
E mililani aku i ke Akua o na akua; no ka mea, ua mau loa kona lokomaikai.
E mililani aku i ka Haku o na haku; no ka mea, ua mau loa kona lokomaikai.
I ka mea nana wale no ina hana na hana mana nui, no ka mea, ua mau loa kona lokomaikai;
I ka mea nana i hana ka lani ma ke akamai; no ka mea, ua mau loa kona lokomaikai.
Mai Name is Akahai Kahale, I was raised on da Lovely Island of Niihau ( which I call da Land who belongs 2 Mai Heavenly Father above) but, I know everyone call it da 4bidden Island. I Love Mai precious Island dat I was raised on by mai Lovely Parents which I Love so very much, Now, I want 2 Praise N Thank God 4 da breath of life each day, I want 2 give him all da glory N honor each day of mai daily life... He gave meeh life on dis very earth, N I praise N thank God 4 mai family N friends who LOVES meeh 4 who I am N 4 alwaiz bein there 4 meeh 24/7.... I am livin 4 da Lord, da Lord God has blessed meeh with so much which I dont know where 2 start, Da Lord God has a control of mai life... I want 2 praise N thank God 4 for creating dis wonderful world 4 meeh 2 enjoy every bit of his very beautiful creation all around us.. 2 Mai Crew 4 Da Lord Lets keep up da good, use da gift da Lord has bless you with, use it 4 good not 4 bad... Praise God, Hallelujah.... " I worship you oh God "... " Jesus is da winna man ".... " God Is Good, all da time ".....
CREW 4 DA LORD.........

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Comment by Love Kelley on September 1, 2009 at 10:27pm
Mahalo ia Iesu... I support youʻre manaʻo Sisi Akahai... No matter what everyone says, KeʻAkua iz da King of HAWAIʻI.... He is the rightful owner to every land and people alike... KeʻAkua mana loa o kalani iz our King... Love u babeʻs...
cR3W 4 d@ LoRd representatives...
Comment by Kaohi on September 1, 2009 at 3:52am
This is great that Maoli world get to read not only 'transfer of language' but how we think today, with Christian beliefs. In any DOE we have separation of state and church for a reason. When Kauai laid down their Ha'a Ki'i they (we) became Christians.

I use transfer of language as a means to reach my students, here in Waianae. In hopes (my Christianity indoctrination) that they would shed their low self-esteem and decided to learn Standard English. I almost always don't have time to teach parts of speech, punctuation and expository writing. These tools for writing, although, necessary to teach are all focused on Standard English and in the process removes the Pacific Islander from his land and culture, which is the case here.

The God is Love is a motto that was created in the minds of the Haystack Committee as an idea for emancipation of the black slave from Africa. It was also used to sever the behavior of charity or 'sodom and gomorrah. But instead, we (Hawaiian Kingdom) opted for 'capitalism' and still do today. During the Reagan years he enforced US capitlaism in the Soviet Union over Socialism. At this time, Kauai is receiving a huge stimulus package for development and construction. We are waning between charity and capitalism, when do we begin to be Maoli and true to our Na Kupuna ancestor? their lands? their culture beliefs? their first language? I don't have the answers.

In the wake of the Queens birthday Sept. 2nd, keep in mind what she did before her birthday party; she sent Luna's out to survey and asses her lands. Maybe during this celebration at the Iolani Palace we can decide for ourselves how to frame in these events of Christianity and the Hawaiian Kingdom. I want to say as oppose to ... but not at this time. Kaohi

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