What is Genetic Engineering?

Genetic engineering or “GE” is a laboratory technique used to make new kinds of plants, animal or other living organisms. This is where it gets weird and complicates this process. Using techniques to cross natural boundaries and force together DNA from any different species, such as inserting, jellyfish genes in corn plants or human genes in rice. Hawai`i has the highest recorded number of open-air experiments with genetically engineered plants in the world.

Genetically engineered papaya contains three antibiotic resistant marker (ARM) genes. Which raise concerns that there is a possibility that they might transfer to the human gut bacteria, and then create new disease strains that will be resistant to the three major antibiotics? Presently there are no long-term saftey testing of genetically engineered food. Genetically engineered organism or GMO companies conduct short-term animal feeding trials, but this research is kept confidential. Therefore, vital information that would be important to determine safety concerns associated with these experiments is not given to the public, farmers, elected officials nor regulatory agencies.

Until genetically engineered foods have been researched thoroughly, fully tested and proven safe by unbiased researchers, it would be wise to avoid eating them or serving then to your Ohana.

For additional information of products containing GMO ingredients consult the True Food Guide at www.truefoodnow.org/shoppers-guide/

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Comment by Kaohi: Mendiola-Kaniaupio on December 16, 2013 at 1:16am
Hana it was a great protest march through Haleiwa , against GMO. The surfers from all over the world marched and they were all awesome today and in the pouring rain too.

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