Food Sovereignty! Monsanto is paying people to run test and destroy the land by chemically poisoning massive areas of land. Monsanto is creating genocide for future keiki because the amount on chemical products that they using can ruin our food crops and aquifer.  These people create crops that are tolerant to all chemicals and then try to make us eat it? How do you feel about eating pants that is resistant to nature’s chemicals?  Whatever happened to Aloha Aina? Everyone get the rights to the mountains and to the ocean but it is our Kuleana (responsibility) to Malama those rights! USA is slowly squeezing the resources out of Hawaii until there is nothing left. ZERO! No fish, No fresh water, NO resources, No Kalo! Ho’omana’onui and lokai will be the key to the success of exiling GMO from Hawaii. If anyone is interested in what foods are GMO and which are not, people can visit the web site SHAKA Movement. The Hawaiian community must reunite in order to create a petition which will exile Monsanto’s corporate from Hawaiian lands!

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