GMO (Genetically Motified Organisms)

Here in Hawaii, where many things are flown in now days, we are seeing the rise and domination of GMO here.  What can we do as kanaka to help prevent this destruction to our 'aina?  

I can honestly say that i wasn't very concerned about Monsanto until i researched it and tried looking up GMO's in other countries, but i realized many other countries has banned GMO testing in there countries and i agree.  Why do they keep polluting the only land we have?  Hawaii is home to many, not only us people but many endangered species and plants here in Hawaii aren't found anywhere else in the world.  What happens if a native bird eats something that monsanto is growing?  Will it die?  Will it survive?  Or will it deform our native animals?  We have so many questions and in return get no answers at all.  I say we stop this GMO bull here in Hawaii and we learn far all organic!!!  

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