Genocide Activities for the Records - Cease and Desist Gene Tamashiro, Kalani Asam et. als. - Against the de jure Hawaiian Kingdom...ALERT!

Nation to Nation Legal Directive/Notice(s): (1) Hawaiian Kingdom Legal Notice/Directive: Racist U.S. Presidents Nixon, Reagan, Bush, Carter Created the Non-Constitutional based FEMA  and 2) Cease and Desist to Identity Thieves/Genocide Activists, including former Konohiki Kalani Asam from Amelia Gora, a Royal person, Acting Liaison of Foreign Affairs, House of Nobles, etc.

IOLANI - The Royal Hawk

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Pirate Eyes on the Hawaiian Kingdom:  More Identity Thieves, Genocide Activists Including Former Konohiki Kalani Asam

                                                                            Review by Amelia Gora (2020)

Former Konohiki Kalani Asam sent me the following message........

"Well...I guess it was worth the struggle.  They decided to move forward with my proposal."" width="494" /> 

The following is a Legal Notice/Legal Directive to Kalani Asam:

Yet another entity claiming to be our Hawaiian government.  Cease and desist.  Genocide ativists now documented.

Kalani...Because you are part of this...You are officially removed from our konohiki list.  Sorry.  We will have a meeting to discuss the obtain...

We are not in alignment with aliens who have no say....These matters will be discussed with our Royal Families who are part of the bloodline descendants of Kamehameha documented and members of the House of Nobles.  Am truly disappointed with you Kalani and you'll have to seek assistance with Kili or ?  Bye.

This was a text to him at 11:32 PM 7/21/2020.


Note:  Kalani Asam expected me to support his status as Konohiki but effective July 21, 2020, he was removed officially from his status because he is with an entity claiming to be the Hawaiian Kingdom on the Big Island and are Not connected with us in any shape or form. 

They are Genocide Activists and not part of the de jure Hawaiian Government known as the Hawaiian Kingdom/Kingdom of Hawaii/Ko Hawaii Pae Aina.

Kalani Asam has a history of going against our Royal Family in the past and has done it again.

Kalani Asam is no longer with our Royal Family who descends from Kamehameha in multiples of genealogy lines, and the bloodlines of some of the original House of Nobles, the two (2) permanent parts of the three (3) part government.

Reference:  Rex vs. Booth case, HAWAIIAN REPORTS, Supreme Court Law Library/Archives/ Main Library, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii.

Kalani Asam's relatives are currently the Trustees of defacto Trust of King Lunalilo, and Queen Liliuokalani's Trust - the Fraud Trust created in 1909. 

Queen Liliuokalani denied signing the Trust Deed with the usurpers in her Will.

There was No Annexation, it was all lies.  This basically means that non-owners moved to assume the lands, assets, etc. of our Queen who also happens to be our Royal Family's hanai/adopted mother.

Kalani Asam is part of the Meyer's Family who claimed the Molokai Ranch.  Meyer's was one of the administrator's of Queen Kalama.

The Meyer's Family are Not the only owners of the Molokai Ranch.  There were three (3) others:  (1) Kapapu Jones, (2) Kaanana, and (3) Kaluakini whose daughter was Elikapeka Kaluakini who had seven (7) children including John who had myself and six (6 others).


Kalani Asam supports Aliens and moved with them without our knowledge.

Officially, he is no longer one of our Konohiki.

His name is now forwarded to our House of Nobles, Konohiki Records and the Honolulu Police Department who assigned me a Police Report Number in 1998 - Genocide Activities Ongoing File.

Will miss working with him.

aloha." />



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