This last Wednesday on Free Hawai`i TV we told you about four republican US senators Dan Inouye is courting to cross party lines and support the Akaka bill.

Without them he won’t have the 60 votes needed to get the Akaka bill passed.

A big mahalo to everyone who let us know you contacted these four to express your outrage and opposition to Inouye’s scheme.

But many of you also asked if there are any democratic senators that might be open to opposing the Akaka bill.

This coming Wednesday on Free Hawai`i TV we’ll tell you about four democrats we’ve identified that might be willing to do just that – that is, if they hear from you as to why they should. Be sure and check it out.

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Rickey Ortiz knows the importance of giving back. Having literally grown up in Waimea Valley, he now acts as a self- appointed caretaker seeking to return the area to its original purpose – sustaining native Hawaiians rather than as a tourist attraction. You can hear his remarkable story all this week on Hawai`i’s award winning
Voices Of Truth – One-On-One With Hawai`i’s Future.

MONDAY, July 26th At 6:30 PM
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SATURDAY, July 31st At 8:00 PM O`ahu, `Olelo, Channel 53
Caring For The Land - A Visit With Rickey Ortiz"

Ancient Hawai`i had one of the most advanced land management systems in the world, with Konohiki acting as overseers of Hawai`i's precious land & natural resources. Rickey Ortiz is a modern day Konohiki of Waimea Valley on O`ahu's north shore where his family ties go back many generations. Don't miss our visit with Rickey in this place of breathtaking beauty. You'll see right away why he's so committed to protecting it for the ages
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