felting wool in a front loading washing machine

The mini Wonder Washer is an excellent alternative when learning how to wet felt using a washing machine. The item you want to felt should https://linktr.ee/dryfelting be made of 100% animal fiber. This process will not work with any synthetic material. Follow these steps to finish your wet felting project:

Fill the mini Wonder https://linktr.ee/dryfelting Washer with hot water and and a tablespoon of soap (dishwashing liquid works best). Add a couple of dish towels to add friction for the felting process or place the item in a mesh bag. There are differing opinions as to whether felting the item https://olgafelting.altervista.org by itself or with additional items added in works best. Having your project in a mesh bag does help keep the felt "balls" that the wool sheds in one place for easy clean up. The best way to find out is by trying it out yourself and decide which way works the best for you.
Put the item in the chamber or bucket of the https://olgafelting.altervista.org machine and set the cycle for 15 minutes.
Check the item after about five minutes, you may notice that the item has gotten larger rather than smaller. This is normal. Periodically check and reshape your project if necessary during the felting process.
When the cycle is https://linktr.ee/dryfelting done and you are satisfied with the results, empty the soapy water and fill the chamber with cold water. Run the machine again to rinse all of the soapy water from the fibers.
You might have to felt the item several times to get the desired result. Just repeat the steps using the hot water and soap until you are pleased with the finished product. Then you can rinse and finalize the project.

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