I attended Jeffrey Smith's presentation on GMO food on Kauai on February 11th. I left the presentation ill. I mean literally physcially ill from the information presented. My stomach was twisted in knots and sore. I felt like throwing up. I went home and went straight to bed, unable to eat. I was so angry, so outraged that these GMO corporations have been allowed to contaminate the food supply of every unsuspecting citizen under the jurisdiction of the U.S.

Under the administration of the first George Bush, GMO's have been pushed upon us without our knowledge or consent. Genetically modified organisms have been in our food suppy since 1996 and go undetected because these corporations haven't been required to label them. Watch the video "The World According to Monsanto" and you will have a better understanding of why this GMO giant has been able to get away with this. A revolving door exists between Monsanta and the Food and Drug Administration. The FDA is mandated to protect the consumer from unsafe food and drugs entering the market. They have been negligent in their job. Former attorney for Monsanto now heads the department in charge of developing FDA policy. GMO's have been determined to be as safe as non-GMO food under his watch. Intense political pressure by Monsanto and financial donations to important players in Congress and the White House, have kept the public in the dark.

Japan has banned all GMO products from the U.S. including the Hawaiian Rainbow Papaya that was genetically engineered to be resistant to the ring-spot virus. Japan has said that they are waiting and watching for the affects of GMO's on America's children. They are not alone. Many European nations ban GMO's as well as a list of other nations.

Look and see what diseases are on the rise that are affecting our keiki. Obesity and diabetes are two that come to mind. If you read the ingredients on processed foods you will find Corn Syrup, derived from GMO corn, in almost everything, but especially soda, fruit drinks, candy and fast food. There has been an unprecedented rise in Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) diagnosis and other disorders.

I am focused on this issue because of the long term affects GMO's will have on the health and well being of our families. Now GMO proponents want to take the one pure food kanaka have, that has sustained our kupuna for generations and genetically engineer kalo. These corporations are targeting the food staples of the world such as corn and soy, and now kalo. They are trying to get patents on rice, wheat and other grains as well as countless other foods.

It is important for Kanaka to educate ourselves, our families and our communities about the hidden dangers of GMO's. It is lurking everywhere. In every can, package or box of processed foods sold in our local grocery store, used in many of the restaurants we take our families to eat and worst of all, in the foods served our children in the school cafeteria's across the U.S.

I urge everyone of you on Maoli World to read Jeffrey Smith's two best selling books "Seeds of Deception" and "Genetic Roulette". If it is hard for you to read than google Monsanto and GMO and you will find hundreds of thousands of hits. I do recommend watching the videos. It will blow you away the way these seed corporations target small farmers and put them out of business. It is the goal of these corporations to patent and own all of the seed supply in the world. The greed and dispicability of these organziations are beyond imaginable. And the American media has been silenced by the power they wield which is why we are uninformed.

Former sugar cane lands owned by the Big Five are now coming into the hands of these GMO corporations on Kauai. Prime ag land is being used to field test these organisms all the while unsuspecting residents living nearby have no clue of the hidden dangers. We are being used as guinea pigs, without our knowledge or consent and this is what is called the "land of the free"? Just one more way to kill us off. In fact, a Monsanto employee told one of their scientists who had become aware of safety issues but was forbidden to reveal it, just look at it this way, maybe we are solving the over-population problem. One other fact to piss you off, Monsanto doesn't serve any GMO's in their employee cafeteria. Why? Because they have the knowledge of the dangers that they keep hidden from Joe Public, while they protect themselves from these dangers.

So Kanaka Maoli, information is power. Educate yourselves, your families and your communities and refuse to buy GMO products. Take the power away from Monsanto, Syngenta and Pioneer. Go back to your natural diets of poi, uala, lu'au, fish and limu as much as possible. These are the foods that kept our ancestors healthy and strong and these are the diets we must go back to if we are to remain strong. I know that is asking a lot since so much of our aina is urbanized and our lo'i and loko i'a destroyed. We need to reclaim them, repair them and bring them back to functioning systems as part of our effort of reclaiming our independence.

Aloha aina,

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Comment by Miliaulani on February 22, 2009 at 11:37am
Mahalo for all the added mana'o. I hope many more read this post and learn about this very important issue. We as kanaka have so many issues confronting us today, attacks coming at us on many fronts across Hawaii nei. Where do we begin to address them all? Next to protection of our ea and aina, nutritous food to sustain us, is critical to our well-being, to fortify us in our battles. Kokua please and spread the word. Aloha no....
Comment by Maika on February 21, 2009 at 4:47pm
This is bad. Corporations, along with their force of law to dictate our material wants and needs, are again being given more force of law, this time over what can be considered a bastion of the free spirit. The force of law to dictate what can and cannot be grown from the land.

I see the beginning of a very slippery slope here. After GMO is minimally accepted, the engineered plants will force out the natural species. Farmers won't grow natural any more because they can't stay profitable competing with the engineered plant farmers. Everything we eat will be a creation of the ill seeking man. In essence, we are being cut off from the land, and in the pantheon of Hawaiian beliefs, cut off from one of our oldest ancestors in the Taro.

Who gave these corporations all their mana anyways?

What is meant in Matthew by every 14 generations? What generation is this?
Comment by Tricia Mo'orea on February 21, 2009 at 3:57pm
Get the DVD "The future of food"
Comment by Tricia Mo'orea on February 21, 2009 at 3:56pm
Miliaulani, mahalo for your post. I only saw a few locals at the event in Hilo, otherwise there were the ones I always see at these kine of events.

I have been doing research and writing articles on GMO and irradiated foods since early 90's. From what I have read, genetic engineering started long ago but is much more prevalent now. I purchased both books mentioned by you and have the DVD "the world according to Monsanto. It is up to us who know to help educated the masses. GMO food is cheaper than organic or sustainable, so you are correct, going back to the simple diet and ways of life is the way to go. If Europe can do it, so can we, fight the companies like Monsanto, Dupont and Dow. We are the people, they are the robbers. Ultimately what their plan is, is very evil. They want to be able to control the food. Patent it and control it, patent the seed. They are already committing crimes with hurting farmers in many ways. All they care about is the almighty dollar. I say, let's all get together and make the Hawaiian islands a GMO free zone, a military free zone, and reclaim the aina from the crimes of the United States. Too many Hawaiians are eating poison and feeding it to their young. Education is the key. Mahalo e malama pono
Comment by Miliaulani on February 21, 2009 at 3:22pm
A'ole pilikia Bobby. We have to malama our kino and our 'ohana so that we stay strong to fight the battles that are not won YET! We have a long road and we must regain the health that our kupuna knew before the onslaught of disease and poor nutrition, so that we can overcome obstacles put in our path. It is a well known fact that kanaka have the poorest health of all ethnicities in Hawaii nei and we need to reverse that trend. It is one more way amongst the many ways they try to squash us. It is the poor and impoverished that suffer as they have no access to information and they cannot afford to eat healthy or buy organic products. So take care braddah and eat more fish. Hard when no more fish on Oahu already. Auwe.
Comment by Robert Ebanez on February 21, 2009 at 3:05pm
Thank you for your mana'o Miliaulani......You are amazing.....

bobby e

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