Do We As A People Remember Why Our Queen Liliuokalani Was Arrested In Her Own Palace

Our Queen was in the process at the time after her Brother King David Kalakaua passed away of changing the Kingdom Of Hawaiis "CONSTITUTION" To Put Power Back Into Her People So That "Our" Lands Would Not End Up In Foreign Hands.


The "Bayonet Constitution" was forced onto our King David Kalakaua "Forcefully" Appointing more foreigners into the Kingdom Of Hawaiis Governments Seats Of Office Etc.


Our Queen could see what would happen to her people and "Her Lands As Head Of State" and Attempted To Correct That By Changing it's "Constitution",>>>>*"Which Led To Her House Arrest".*


*Knowledge Is Power


*Dont Let These Foreigners Try To Confuse Your History.


*Knowing Your Pass Will Help You Determine Your Future,....God Bless* The Truth Is Free


*Ke Wa'a Manu Lele E

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