There's many a time when we get stuck on a problem, and tend to think that it is impossible to do it. And just being on the verge of scrapping the idea, we come across a billboard of ADIDAS flashing the tagline- "Impossible is nothing"; we feel inspired. We look at our laptop; APPLE, saying, "think different", and we begin to think something new. And just when we hit a new way of solving the problem, across the street, NIKE flashes, "Just Do It". We go ahead with the idea!

Tag lines give a brand the momentum it can only dream of, if it is used the right way. It is very important to develop a catchy corporate tagline in addition to a great corporate logo that will effectively communicate in one sentence what services or products your company sells. Taglines should give an insight into the company's philosophy, services and offerings. A good tagline is related to the company's promise and can help to reinforce and educate a potential customer about the company. The tagline should always appear below the logotype, proportionate to the size and position unless specified otherwise. It is important to maintain consistency in the tagline of your company; it should not be changed or distorted with time. For the logo and the tagline to be effective, a clear space ensuring maximum visibility and impact on every communication is essential. No other element should make inroads between them.

There are no hard and fast rules about when to use a tagline but there are some very important rules about how to use it. The tagline used in your logo should be unique and should always be in close proximity to the logo of your company. A simple logo with a unique tagline creates an everlasting impression on everyone. The logo design of Accenture is ">" which implies "Accent to future" along with a tagline "High Performance Delivered"- don't you think it is a unique and a consistent brand identity producing a visual communication.

The tagline should be easy to remember and reflect the following - the company's primary brand position and brand personality, the company's core business value proposition and the company's primary. This important information should be squeezed into a single creative line defining the company's branding strategy for both company employees, which is sometimes overlooked, as well as the general people who would see the company logo and tagline in many different marketing forms and across numerous media outlets. Corporate taglines should be very easy to remember and should have a high recall value. People should tend to remember them for a long period of time. For instance, the Reebok tagline "I am what I am" is remembered to this date. The Budweiser "This Bud's for You, Volkswagen's " Drivers wanted" are few other popular taglines that managed to create the right buzz around the brand. Moreover, people tend to use some of the catchy taglines in their daily vocabulary, which indicate the popularity of the taglines. If you can get people repeat your tagline in casual conversations, for example the McDonald's tagline "I'm loving it." is a part and parcel of people's daily conversation. Herein lies the success of your company.

The best possible way to create a good tagline is to do a soul search, understand the company's positioning and personality. This soul search will be able to generate a list of tagline options, which would echo the company's message. The challenge is, however, to choose the right tagline from this list. The chosen tagline could be reviewed through a sample audience group and then be given the green signal if it elicits positive response. The tagline should be created to ensure perfect synergy with the company logo. The font and the styling of the tagline should adhere to the logo, color code and corporate guidelines.

Brand will serve as a foundation for all company efforts and endeavors and will prove to be the most valuable communication asset. Maintaining visual consistency of a company logo design is vital to build and preserve the integrity of this brand.

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