Dis is just round 1, We never loose yet! Mahalo for all you who showed up!! SAVE MAKENA!

Report: Makena Resort hearing ended Thursday evening with a 7-2 vote(Anderson and Johnson voted no) to pass it on to the full county council. It still needs County Council 1st reading and 2nd reading approvals before it can go forward.

So, let's not forget that this is just round one,
Next is full county council-1st reading and 2nd reading-2 more chances to testify!
We must let people know that if they wish to testify, they can come to the county council's 1st reading to speak. Will let you know when we know what that date is, Likely Dec 5th, but not confirmed.

Also important is being a presence during project discussion and voting (usually later in the evening or the next business day), We must give support to the council members who may have the guts to stand up for what is right.

What does Makena rezoning mean?
The whole Makena development plan is only slowly being revealed by Dowling. If you and your family enjoy fishing swimming, diving or hanging out at dark sands beach (Oneuli) or Maluaka beach, it appears that the first projects will be to build exclusive, gated, high security condo complexes for off shore millionaires on the undeveloped lands surrounding the Maui Prince Hotel . Condo owners will have access to a full service "Beach Club" at Maluaka that will offer wealthy "club" members the chance to snorkel or dive, canoe or kayak the nearby shore.

Will locals be pushed out? Nothing is mentioned about improved public access to the same shoreline. The Council voted to have Dowling fund the new Plan for Makena State park? Will the plan favor the public or his exclusive condo residents? Already, public parking spaces have been taken over by construction along old Makena Rd at Maluaka for most of a year. Demand that the Council stand up for the people of Maui, not millionaire investors.


Contact council members to let them know they they need to listen to all the people, not just the developer and his employees.
Network with friends and family to make sure as many people know about this development as possible, and share their views!
Many folks work days and can't afford to come testify. Phone fax or email council members to request an evening hearing in Kihei, so that more regular Maui folks can attend.

Write letters to the editor and also to the county council asking for a night hearing in Kihei to involve more public.

And to the Council Chair Hokama:

*Join us for a "Makena Memorial" we are planning- a fake funeral for Makena!! It will be filmed and you can make a video postcard with our videographer!
Sun. Nov. 30th @ Oneloa-Big Beach 3-5 pm.
Bring your Ukelele and Potluck grinds!
We can share our grief of the decisions the council members are making. We can share our hopes and dreams for Makena. Come and be heard from about Makena.

I thank the concerned Mauians who showed up on their own time because they love the Aina! You guys are warriors!

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