Well its about that time to start beating the pahu at Linda Lingles doorsteps. Anyone ever took a good look at the waiting lists for all the poe kanaka on the DHHL waiting list. I was interested in finding out where my father stood in line and was wondering why so many have not been awarded land. As I spoke to the DHHL representative it became apparent to me that they are not going to award land to more than 80 % of the people on the list. In a time when Lingle is cutting funding from DHHL and using funds from the ceded stolen lands inventory we need to beat our pahu's on her doorstep. The DHHL has a possibility to award 80-100 units every 2 years with funding. If you take a look at the waiting list you will see many of the Kupuna will die on the list, because there are thousands. For those of you overseas living in the continent maybe pick up the phone and beat the pahu in her secretary's ear, she's a real piece of work.


Be pissed off because no matter how we look at it we're being ripped off. Down with Lingle... we need a Hawaiian for governor, and not Dukey the dog who's being led by Lingle on a leash...where has he been during this ceded land issue anyway. Puh Hawaiian I don't think so!

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Comment by KU on May 28, 2009 at 8:48am
The Hawaiian Government is intact, but the positions that need to be filled to have a proper up and running government are vacant. Take a look at it this way, the Hawaii State Constitution set fourth OHA, is this a true operating government working in favor of the Kanaka Maoli? No, it's an institution designed to legitimize and settle claims on behalf of Hawaiians with the state, but they are a state entity receiving pay from the state trying to force the Akaka bill down our throat. Then we have Noas group and we have Ahsings group and we have Olivers and Spinneys none of which are from any of the true Royal lines with the ability to be even considered as possible heirs to the throne under the KAM IV "Lots" Constitution. If you take a look at the Bill of rights established in 1839 and the first constitution the owner of all landed property in Hawaii was Kamehameha the first his son K III established the rights and later gave his land which was all of Hawaii and divided it amongst his chiefs and people. The right by which I feel the next leader should be would have to come from these lines in order to have a true government. It was he KIII that gave his land to the people and we must not forget this. Out of respect for our previous Moi and their Ohana they continued to give the Kanaka their land, their rights and privileges as a Hawaiian. Then we have our own people "or so we think" that are purposefully trying to defame, confuse the issues. These people are more than likely hired by the Feds to do this. Wolves sometimes disguise themselves as sheep. A real leader will come forth and lets hope we all support him.
Comment by Namaka'eha on May 28, 2009 at 6:37am
As the chapter in the pages turn, so as we are the people. Irregardless of opinion, the Hawaiian Government is still intact therefore making the reinstatement a pursuit to benefit all kanaka maoli!
Comment by KU on May 27, 2009 at 8:33pm
You're right, but we still got issues with that.
Comment by Namaka'eha on May 27, 2009 at 8:14pm
Not a governor, a Hawaiian Kingdom Government!

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