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Comment by Sheridan Collins on November 1, 2010 at 10:36am
I will be back to read this later Kaohi. Do you know about linear and circular thinking? When I was on a jet tarmac in Alaska for endless hours in 2003, an Aleute woman laborer explained this to me. The difference in linear and circular is exactly why my Navajo husband and I were missing the communications boat. In Hawaii I learned that there are a lot of different ways to live that are not wrong, just different and more reasonable. But in my brain, I still see myself at point A needing to get to point B and figuring out how to do it. This is goal oriented, not circular. I need to do some research on this. I wish I had kept notes on what I was told. I was way out on Bristol Bay and suddenly learning valuable information. Also working 100 hours a week.

I need to get some work done today. Will be back after dark - but not until 2:00am! I am feeling less angry now and more energy.
Comment by Kaohi on November 1, 2010 at 5:37am
Sheridan Collins,

It's almost 5 am in the morning the day after Halloween and lot's of sugar eaten by our children in Hawaii, lot's of tummy aches too.

I wanted to get back to an earlier piece that you had posted.

One said, "You can't just say WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED." which is where I was before college and after college. For many years, I couldn't put together my tallents and other peoples talents. I recently got to see Dr. Haunani K Trask and I told her that although, I lived in the UH dorms for ten years of my life the one regret I have --that I never took any of her classes. I recently realized that one needs a theory or argument in order to express oneself clearly and for action.

Now that I am back home from those empty years, I'm actually back to square one. Although, I am a lot more clear'er and adjusting to the community and the contentions, I realized that I have talents to tell what is 'happening' however, am sure that the action part I fall short. I am in full confrontation with other Maoli people because they have neither. Knowledge of our community and what's it like to go to college are missing from too many people.

What I do on Maoliworld is recent, and the team work with Amelia took a whole lot of bandering. We have been in battle's I believe on Maoliworld for almost a year. I do the daily community 'what's happening' and Amelia knows that I am clarifying in my many postings there after which takes awhile to sort through. The google part came later, but by then we were in mid controntations with our oppositions with ourselves, others, and the broader community. As a private person did I have a choice?

I am reading "The Value of Hawai'is Knowing the Past, Shaping the Future" edited by Craig Howes & Jon Osorio because my grandchildren are private school children and are reading this book for their classroom assignments. Back to Dr. Haunani K. regretably, I did not take her classes and find that although, I understand the 'happenings' in my community, I don't have the clear arguments and detailed research that Amelia has. Had I taken her classes, without a doubt my arguments could be stronger. That is what I am stressing with my grandchildren that they never mind the real touch yet, just learn the art of arguing.

I do not like Anthropologist across USA for they come from a bone sucking mentality for over 200 years in Hawaii and they have a strong following in Hawaii. It's always a happening here in Hawaii with Anthro partnerships with blood sucking power hungry jerks. It's a struggle with other maoli participants that have a need to just 'drama'. They are lots of drama queen's in every movements in different countries and they are very dangerous to people's action--all pagentry no grounding. On Maoliworld one will come across this phenon.

Your research is pertinent to the grounding of the community and the empty academic institutions. Which is my concern because my grandchildren are contributors to the native Hawaiian community. With all the studying they do my grandchildren still go out into the community and do hands on projects on the weekends. My little 12 year old creats crafts, sells on websites, takes her money and create backpacks with lots of school supplies and distribute them to the houseless kids. Walk-a-thons to raise monies are a staple for some of my granchildren as well as feeding housless during the year.

So, I am always stressing research, and developing their skills for their contentions in the real world that are backed up with facts, and rational. Here is the lie on my part, I don't want my children's children too close to the native movement! It can be dangerous at times, besides it's full of 'mana' suckers for misuse of power.

Just wanted to say thank you and you are right, it's not just about grumbly, research and fact findings are a must. For me it takes team work to show the facts and rational behind the real issues in the Native Hawaiian Community.

The spread of nuclear 'isotopes' among Pacific Islanders are my concern every moment of the day. And education is important. However, a lot of energy, I wouldn't say wasted, but spent on the Hawaiian Movement where our people gather, at times, for academic actions--someones hallow contentions can be time consuming and resource sucking. I'm always looking for reality checks and balances with these ivory tower thinkers. Sometimes they forget that the scholarships and R&D's exist in their back pockets because of our oppositions that are bank rolling them. So, for me it's always a double edge sword, and sharp skills are a must on the movement fronts. Mahalo for your support in ones professional way to the Native Hawaiian community. My apologies for the lack of clarity at times.
Comment by Kaohi on October 31, 2010 at 9:33pm
Hi Sheridan Collins,

Much Mahalo for the returns today. Senator Akaka created an 'exit plan' for the Micronesians because the US military needs their islands and ocean space for the next war zone, I guess. So tonight a newscaster brought the issue up at the hight of the election. It's true the state is paying a lot of money out of their budget to take care of these people here in the islands. Senator Akaka wrote into law that the Micronesians can leave their home and live anywhere in the US in 1998. These kids are treated so badly in the schools by staff and other students.

The military have a budget of 500 billion and that is where monies for the Micronesians should come from to care for these people. They are very sick from poverty as well as too much military toxins in their islands. Just thought I would share.

EPA is causing a lot of riff in Hawaii they are faulting the city for not stopping the use of cesspools. I'm on a cesspool and have no means to hook up to the city treatment plant. I wanted to put in a leach field with a septic tank, but was told don't need to. I think that will change soon.

Like one say tomorrow is another day.
Comment by Sheridan Collins on October 31, 2010 at 4:54pm
Hi Kaohi,

I have noticed that the more complicated a problem is to figure out, the more crooked it is. When a lot of bossy authoritarian people who don't even look right have unlimited weapons of mass destruction to throw around it's not a fair fight. The reason I came here was because I was horrified to think about people on Kauai who must be ill. Now I can see there is a complete blackout on the internet. Some day it will come to me why that is, but right now I am confused by it. I think the government-both state and federal-has done a great job burying the story. Like tourism is more important than trying to get assistance to people on the island. I found a website of an environmental person of some type who tells exactly what words to use to get copies of the reports. I want to know how the EPA got involved in the first place. You can't just say WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED. You have to ask for specific reports. Shouldn't be that way. When I get them, and I will, I am going to post them every place I can find. I didn't have anything to do with any of the other people who lived in Wailua River Lots so I can't find out anything there.

I told the owner of the property here what happened to me and I don't plan on going anywhere. I don't need to spend the rest of my life fighting with criminal contractors. He wants to build a building and start a small business up here, so asked me if I would stay around. I need to pay attention to the miracle of that while I'm still out here in the Twilight Zone. When I ask people what they think is going on, it is amazing how many have already put the government, military and toxic events all in order in their minds. I don't know one person who isn't watching how it's going down around here. A bunch of blah,blah,blah TExans tried to put some kind of weapons range on a small ranch they bought about 20 miles south of here. They were run out of the place in short order. And suddenly there are no more fighter planes doing stupid low fly overs. It's a lot different out on open range.

It was 1984 when Reagan announced that the Hawaiian tribe was a nonentity. A lot of people followed Mark Twain because he was entertaining and funny. The opinions of a person like that are what shapes impressions. It is interesting that a person flew all the way to Hawaii to confront people about their right to free speech, and right to their island nation. I don't understand this, but I see it everywhere.

Sometimes Navajo inspectors were worried about writing up their reports because they thought their English wasn't right. This is a throw back to when they were not allowed to speak Navajo like there was something wrong with it, and were forced to speak and write only English. It took about six months for these young militant, macho Navajo inspectors to tell me that was why they were dragging their feet. I told them not to forget they are on the Navajo Nation and if anyone asks any questions like they can't understand how their reports are written, just tell them they are on the Navajo Nation and how much Navajo can they speak anyway. That particular contractor was a bunch of redneck hillbillies. (I remember in Hawaii how they used to say hillybillies). About 6 years earlier, the Navajo Nation had planted laborers on their highway crews because there had been so many discrimination complaints. They were bid rigging also and were in trouble off the rez too. The Navajos threw the whole bunch off the rez and it became a bond job completed by another company. So they changed the name of the company and started bidding Navajo Nation projects again. Six years is not a very long time. But the BIA awarded that contractor another highway project. Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs. The first project I worked on there, I had to get it straight in my head that I was not working for the BIA. I was working for improved roads for the Navajo Nation. I told my daughter that I would be standing on a street corner with a tin cup before I would work for the BIA. That was about the time that a BILLION DOLLARS that had been "invested for the Indians" had turned up missing. Those were some of the worst design engineers I had ever worked with. They hated me because I wrote the problems up every day and documented the cause of the failures. I knew they would try to blame the Navajo contractor for faulty construction. Sometimes they would drive on out to the project then write letters saying there was no supervision on the grade by the construction management staff. I would have to pull all my reports which detailed the visits, time on and off site, who was there, who said what, what they looked at, etc. and clip copies of all the photographs to the report. That really made them mad. I asked my boss if they thought I was out there bringing sandwiches for lunch or what. After a while they stopped asking me if I was a flag girl. When people are incompetent, they try to elevate themselves by dragging down everybody around them.

I guess I'm not on the right or left of anything. I hate what the government is doing, but I don't want anybody to mess with my shotgun. I'm out of favor with everybody.

Tomorrow is another day.
Comment by Kaohi on October 31, 2010 at 3:08pm
Aloha Sheridan Collins,

I came back to this site to be sure that I commented before we loose sight of you on the left/right side in the blog Posts. Thank you for your response.

With this problem at hand which is very important one would wonder why no response from the other Maoliworld followers: First there are blockers of free expression, secondly, which is important Free Hawaii needs to stay high and on top because they do put their resources where their mouth is, especially with the Akaka Bill, so that's okay. Thirdly, so much happens here in Hawaii that it get's confusing if ones not paying attention daily. I don't have fear about expressing myself on Maoliworld, years ago yes--so I believe that fear is in most of Na Kanaka today and too I can type and think on my feet on a key board. As for the quality--oh well! I don't have the professionalism habit behind my posting yet MLA style etc. correct form of citations. Seocondly, I can cross research, streamline and pray that what I express is for the betterment of our people. Humanly, or for humanity sake I (individually) have to keep praying to the gods, if not, I'm always willing to clean up my act when called upon the things that I do that is offending. Or, at least try to clean up to the best of my abilities my agreement to self.

I don't know if one had noticed my side 'bitching' about Mark Twain and how he came here to Hawaii 1866 and he wrote and published 25 letters for Sacramento Union that went 'pau' in 1994. Scary times for me for 1994 was the year after of our 10,000 people march at the Iolani Palace to remember the Jan 17, 1893 overthrow and imprisioment of our queen 'Liliu".

My uncles spent years planning for this event. My Uncle Randy Kalahiki was confronted by a person from Sacramento days before the march by a person from Sacramento. I was standing next to him when this person was talking to my uncle. This confrontation was came down in front the Iolani Palace across the street where we were preparing (for a whole year 1992) for the march. Soon after the march my uncle past and his brother's wife past too. So, still feeling the effects of that lost, 1994 was about sadness. Maybe all of this means nothing, but I can still remember the 'tense' verbal exchange with that person. He flew here from Sacramento to counter the march. A Mason member came by soon after to lend a hand to my uncle, in what, type of hand--I don't know. I was still in my 'go with' the elders type of person.

You are correct about that 'directive' the general contractor is in my backyard supposedly creating a basketball court in our park and have placed tow away signs along the main street on our reservation type community where only native Hawaiians live with their families. I went face to face with the workers, took pictures and continue to take pictures of their construction work site. Spoke to neighboring residence and so far, aside from feeling oppressed so far no problem. But, it's the same general contractor that work side by side with the Pentagon procurements. And yes, those workers will die. Sadly, it's an exceptible way of life out here. How stupid! About the streets signs, they are supposedly cleaning up the mess they did to our street ten years ago. It's crappy material that are left over from other jobs in the area.

You are correct about the plausibility for community education.

It is the Christian exceptible political candidates that are using every means to make sure that the voters remain 'ignorant' and just bend down on ones knees for the afterlife. This type of mentality is among a large part of the population in Waianae. Christian beliefs pretty much rules. Soon this will be over, I hope, or the beginning of wearing Sunday best dress for burial gatherings and in our every day life.

This is where I loath the Mark Twains (horney pervert) dehumanizing native Hawaiian women back in the 1866 as far as their sexuality were concern. In a perverted way he promoted 'tourism in Hawaii' ever since. He became a famous writer for Civil War Generals such as Grant and Lee. As my friend at Borders said, 'he languaged the words that are duplicated on most of the Title covers of books sold at Borders' the buzz words are 'moral authority' intro for conversations. Gvie me 'da kine talk' stay mo'a betah!

Thanks again for writing on the blog post side of Maoliworld.
Comment by Sheridan Collins on October 31, 2010 at 12:43pm
Hi Kaohi,
I was talking to a woman I know who used to be a social worker. When I told her what my real health problem was she was speachless. Then told me the first atomic bomb was blown up near the Jicarilla Apache Reservation by the Los Alamos scientists. That is about 40 miles from where I live. She said that at one time every house over there had a cancer victim living in it. Not now because everybody is dead. That friend has bad Fibromyalgia and I think fatigue trouble too. Those are symptoms NOT DISEASES. The man who owns the property where I live was just here to check on some things. He has really bad Crohn's disease. Same age as I am. He was in the military and was sent to South
America in the early 70s. TOO MANY SICK PEOPLE.
Wish I could get my brain to work better. There are a couple of things you have said that I keep thinking about. l. The truck drivers don't want to testify about what is going on. 2. Hazardous material is being hauled off military land because it is toxic and dumped near Hawaiian Homes Land and 3. You were told not to mention the name of the contractor seemed like at the last minute maybe so you couldn't consider the directive. There is no surrounding circumstance that could make any of those things acceptable. The worst thing of all is the congressman who is the liaison with the military and also an attorney for the contractor. I told the owner of this property about that. He is a licensed general contractor. This is amazing even here in Spanish country where plenty of weird things go on mostly due to no oversight. This is a conflict of interest. He cannot be properly safeguarding the interests of the people and simultaneously advising the contractor who will gain financially. That is why they have attorneys - to figure out how to make more money without getting into trouble.

Hope you are having a beautiful Sunday. It is the calm before the storm here.
Comment by Sheridan Collins on October 31, 2010 at 12:14pm
Hello Andrew, Thank you for the site information. I saw that a while back. I am confused about why the government is concerned about Vietnamese victims, but has no responsibility for US victims. If the EPA is the government's representative protecting the people from the poison of the big chemical manufacturers, why have all the EPA reports concerning the Kauai investigation and findings been removed from their site with a lot of double talk about it not being a federal Superfund site. Seems like there is a concern that somebody might get something for nothing if there is recognition of civilian victims. It's not just cancer and birth defects. There are definite patterns of other 100% disabling estrogen related illnesses among people who were poisoned. It's not enough to give those people $1,000.00 or $1,500.00 a month in disability payments when they were earning ten times that amount. What happened to punitive damages?

Anyway, thanks for the information. 70 degrees here again. Snow, then 70.

Comment by Kaohi on October 31, 2010 at 6:06am
Rereading, sorry about the grammatical errors. I am always in a hurry to post.
Comment by Kaohi on October 31, 2010 at 5:26am
Mahalo Sheridan Collins for this posting on DU,

I have been arguing against the use of DU in Waianae and the surrounding military bases since the Iraq War. The Army uses DU in their live exercise without any concern for the civilian population. The AEC and the NRC have skirted their responsibilities and seem to have manipulated their rules ever since WWII. During the US American Pacific Atmospheric Testing of Nuclear Bombs known as BRAVO they tested these scientific creations on their soilders and Pacific Islanders. The Army at Schofield continues these atrocities as we speak with the help of Native Hawaiian Covernant and the Veterans of Hawaii. So very sad!

But thank you for your support on this issue.

Recently since 2009 October the military have been trucking soil contaminats to Makua Valley to creat a fire lane that leads from makai to mauka. It is visible from an arieal photo. It seems to follow the NRC rules of surface dumping and black topping. But, if one look closer the black top is just coloring not true black top as a surface of a highway.

Given the fact that it was trucked into Waianae on Farrington Hwy a stretch of highway that leads from Schofield Barracks and Kunia to Makua this is illegal. No contaminats (don't ask don't tell) from a live fire area should leave the area, but that is just what the military did in 2009. Tad Davis from the Pentagon and Wahiawa Political representatives used the AEC definition or determinants that the 'so called' said amount was insignificant (my words) therefore it is defined as weak, safe, low. This is the AEC definition (need to locate the Judges name) based on a factory producing of DU.

The concern that I have is Hillary's need to place nuclear products in the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean. A knew Nuclear treaty definition, language, and market are being drafted as we speak. Her Asian trip should end the crisis we are in with corprate and global business contracts. Preying on the yellow or little people of the Asian countries in hopes of maintaing a status of global power. Just as what the Pentagon did in Wahiawa.

We've been having or least I have been having confrontations with the military ever since about the transfereing of DU contaminats (high probability) through Waianae District to Makua by trucks, or live fire that contaminates the air for our children to breath. Yes we do have a growing number of birth defects in Waianae. Those that can exit are told to leave Waianae by the medical doctors. However, Native Hawaiians in Waianae have family and extended family and will not leave Waianae because of the institutional support system. So this ethnic group reproduces a 'sick' instituion over time. The problem is once that nano particle of DU gets into one's system it cannot leave the body. Ku Ching on Maoliworld told this to me. The particle stays in ones lungs and manifest eventual death which is timed honored. This was and still is the saving grace for Pentagon and it's civilian relationships. The military personel retires and brings to the civilian population their sickness, which is unconstitutional in my views.
Comment by Andrew on October 31, 2010 at 5:13am
Aloha Sheridan.
The websites you provided are done by Keith Parkes, just scroll down to the base of the pages and click on his name for background information. His heart is in the right direction as the data is relevant.
In the event you have not previously viewed this campaign site on agent orange please click here:


Have a great weekend. -Aloha.

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