Alert for Beneficiaries of DHHL in Maui County: FY2011 Budget Bill claims beneficiary taxes, penalties and interest be paid by DHHL. Please follow the link below to view the current proposal:'s%20Office/Budget/FY%202011%20Proposed%20Budget%20Ordinance/081%20-%20HAWAIIAN%20HOME%20LANDS%20RESOLUTION.PDF

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  • Mahalo for posting this. This is very important since property tax liens are the first in priority followed by assessments then mortgages so mahalo... mahalo... mahalo.
  • Much mahalo for continuing to discuss and reach out to us on Oahu. I do miss Mits all the time especially when it comes to DHHL issues. I can barely stand my my principle's in the wake of the Akaka Bill. Article 12 is deadly, when it comes to military contracts and their intent of polluting the Pacific with Nuclear waste. Ever since Obama closed Yucca Mountain we look pretty good for a waste dump site, just as they did pryor and during the 70s.

    How is the family?

    Keep us inform, not sure how we can help, but keep the door open for you old friends and we will be there in what capacity, in heart and what energy, time and resources we have. Kaohi (Luwella Leoanrdi)
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