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when conducting pipeline dredging, it is necessary to know some pipeline knowledge, so as to conduct dredging without damaging the pipeline. Pipeline is a device used to transport gas, liquid or fluid with solid particles connected by pipes, pipe connectors and valves.

Generally, after pressurized by blowers, compressors, pumps and boilers, the fluid flows from the high-pressure part of the pipeline to the low-pressure part, artificial stone tub factory and can also be transported by the pressure or gravity of the fluid itself. Pipelines are widely used in water supply, drainage, heat supply, gas supply, long-distance transportation of oil and natural gas, agricultural irrigation, hydraulic engineering and various industrial devices.

For a long time, the solidification of oil sludge and rust scale in the pipe will reduce the original artificial stone bathtub manufacturer pipe diameter and dredge the sewer; for a long time, the deposition of sludge in the pipe will produce hydrogen sulfide gas, which will cause environmental pollution and fire explosion; the acid and alkali substances in the waste water will easily cause corrosion to the pipe wall; The foreign matters in the pipeline are removed irregularly, resulting in the pipeline blockage; the pipe, steel plate, stainless steel, etc. will form the mill scale when rolling; the pipeline will form rust, welding slag and oil antirust agent, dust, sand, cement, thermal insulation materials and other impurities which are coated on the pipeline for anti-corrosion in the process of manufacturing, storage, transportation and installation. The above impurities such as mill scale, rust, welding slag, rust inhibitor and sediment seriously affect 100% acrylic bathtub supplier the normal use of the pipeline. Therefore, the pipeline shall be cleaned to restore the material surface inside the pipeline. After pipeline cleaning, a dense chemical passivation film is formed on the clean metal surface. The passivation film can effectively prevent the recurrence of dirt and effectively protect the equipmentProtection. Protect the equipment from corrosion or other chemical damage. It can effectively ensure the safety of the equipment and extend the service life of the equipment.

How to dredge the pipe blockage of family bathtub? Bathtub blockage is one of the common problems. Generally, bathtub blockage is mainly caused by hair and other hair blockage. The unblocking of the bathtub is complex. First, let's analyze how the bathtub is structured. Generally, bathtubs are divided into many types, Glass door bathtub, bathtub, and so on... Bathtub is generally fixed at one end of the corner, mostly fixed by glass glue, with a bathtub made of bricks, and an integrated bathtub, mostly integrated, fixed at the corner, bathtub is divided into a lower outlet, a bathtub, and a bump. Once the bathtub is blocked, the lower outlet, mostly integrated, is installed on the water pipe, which is difficult to dredge, because the water outlet There are baskets, connected and normal dredgers that can't get into the unblocking points, so how to dredge such bathtubs? First of all, our professional teacher may use the common water pressure dredging method to squeeze through the blocking points with high water pressure, or, find the water outlet, have the dredger to dredge from the water outlet to the inside. Generally, the most effective dredging method is to dredge the bathtubs The method is to take the bath apart, remove the fixed glue, thoroughly clean the hose, dredge the main water pipe, and install the water pipe, so the work type is complex, but the effect is generally dredged once, and the family can be managed for 2-3 years.

Sewer is one of the important facilities in the city. In order to maintain our comfortable living environment, we work constantly every day. Please abide by the rules of use consciously,To ensure that the sewer can be unblocked and work normally. Therefore, the property management company specially reminds you that in daily life, please pay attention to the following matters:

1. Do not pour the edible oil and vegetable residue into the sewer;

2. The edible oil and vegetable residue are one of the reasons that cause the sewer blockage and hinder the water treatment. The vegetable residue, etc. are recycled as domestic garbage, and do not directly pour into the sewer;

3. Please use newspaper to suck up the old oil and remaining oil, and then treat them as combustible garbage;

4. Do not wash the articles other than toilet paper into the sewer together, many paper towels and paper diapers are not easy to absorb water. If these substances are flushed into the sewer, it will not only block the toilet, but also reduce the water treatment efficiency of the sewage treatment plant;

< 5. Do not pour gasoline and diluent into the sewer. If gasoline or diluent and other highly volatile hazardous substances are poured into the sewer, it may cause explosion and other dangerous accidents, please remember not to pour these substances into the sewer Road;

6. Do not throw the garbage in the rainwater ditch and inspection well cover, and the garbage thrown in the rainwater ditch on both sides of the road is one of the reasons for the blockage of the sewer and the generation of odor;

7. In some specific areas, the water will directly flow into the river, and these garbage will become the cause of river pollution.

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