Custom FM antenna for Bose wonderful wave 3 5 headphone port 75 Euro FM radio antenna

use Trisonic original matching head + AMW galvanized pure copper 70 core wire + metal 3.5mm connector to customize Bose audio FM antenna for fever.

working frequency: FM 87.5-108mhz

antenna type: half wave antenna, suitable for general FM and digital FM

feeder material: 18awg anti-oxidation galvanized pure copper wire

antenna length: free choice, The longer length is beneficial for the antenna to be placed in a better geographical position for Ultra-thin Omni Antenna manufacturers receiving signals.

link interface type:

1: the dual hole ferrite 300 euro to 75 Euro F Male can be used in the 5.1 radio interface of cinemas such as v25 / V35 / 535.

< 2: plus welding Bose 3.5mm headphone port FM interface. It can be directly applied to all Bose models using 3.5mm as antenna input port.

< 300 to 75 ohm matcher to realize impedance matching of radio 75 ohm interface and reduce signal refraction and attenuation caused by impedance mismatch.

< 18 AWG galvanized copper wire is much thicker than other indoor antenna materials on the market, The core of the line is 70 core. (the silver on the surface of galvanized copper is actually pure copper wire plated with zinc, which will not oxidize and blacken for a long time)

connect and place radio antenna:

after sales rfid antenna types of goods: if you are not satisfied with the goods for seven days, you can return them to AA postage for refund. If you are worried about the effect is not up to the expectation, please purchase freight insurance by yourself. If you encounter problems in installation and debugging, you are welcome to help from small shops, Thank you.

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