Choosing The Right Diamond Cut For Your Engagement Ring

1) Marquise cut

Similar to the emerald cut, the marquise is a great way to lengthen the appearance of the wearer's fingers whilst also making them appear slimmer. First conceived back in the 1700s, the name refers to a rank of nobility custom birthstone rings[couple necklaces cheap]. Nobles of this time period would adorn themselves with marquise diamonds to distinguish themselves accordingly. In addition to making the fingers appear longer and thinner, this particular shape gives the illusion of a considerably larger diamond, creating a truly striking item of extravagant jewelry.

2) Oval cut

The oval cut boasts a stunning degree of shine and sparkle and like the round cut, looks terrific on every wearer, no matter what shape or size their hands and fingers are. For someone seeking a mesmerizing engagement ring for their lover which exudes all of the glitz and glamour monogrammed necklace[online] of their round diamond counterparts, the oval cut is a sublime choice. Like the marquise, the oval cut diamond gives the impression of being bigger than it actually is, owing to its protracted shape.

3) Cushion Cut

The cushion cut is square in shape with smooth, indistinct corners and up until the commencement of the 1900s, was the most in-demand diamond cut in existence. With a mixture of antique charm engraved necklace and contemporary splendor, the cushion cut is a ravishing design that emanates a scintillating sparkle. This diamond shape will be highly regarded by any individual who appreciates the meticulous artistry of classic jewelry and is perfect for those who have broader fingers.

4) Pear Shape

A majestic amalgam of the oval and marquise cut diamond shapes, the exquisite pear-shaped diamond was first created back in the 15th century, with the intention of producing a splendid diamond that delivered the ultimate in fire and brilliance. This particular cut radiates extravagance and charm cute necklaces, and like the emerald and marquise, does a great a job at creating the effect of lengthening and slenderizing the wearer's fingers.

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