Ceramic carpet in Zichuan Shandong Province

the staff on your order are wiping the "ceramic carpet"
in Beijing on March 7 (reporter Chai Anton, correspondent Yan Shengting) on March 6, the staff were wiping the "ceramic carpet" (Figure 1). On that day, known as "ceramic carpet", K gold casting crystal brick was officially put into production in Shandong Province Zibo Oujia group oesco ceramics company.

It is understood that this enterprise has invested more than 10 million modern floor tiles yuan, and after one and a half years of research and development, it has successfully developed more than 60 varieties of eight series of noble, elegant and supreme.

K gold casting crystal brick is based on the existing ceramic brick as the main body, through scientific and special technology, all kinds of artistic patterns are engraved on it, and all kinds of gold thread embellishment are painted by hand, and site then fired twice at high temperature. These tiles are stitched together like a "ceramic carpet", which is not only beautiful and gorgeous, but also durable, so that the traditional ceramic single Decor becomes rich and colorful. It can be widely used in the floor and wall decoration of high-grade buildings such as living rooms, corridors, star hotels and entertainment places.

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