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Zoloft is generally prescribed to pregnant women. This supplement helps in treating nervousness and pregnancy depression. Taking this in the long run may lead to birth defects. It has been researched and established that women who are on Zoloft medication over a period of time experience problems during their pregnancy and the infant develops acute Birth Defects.

This anti-depressant that was marketed by well-known pharmaceutical companies has proven to have a birth defect. The defect could be anything ranging from spasms, seizures, psychological defects, cardiovascular problems or a stroke. Zoloft falls under a class of antidepressants and if your child has fallen prey to Zoloft Birth Defect, then there are Zoloft lawyers there who will review your case and offer help for free.

Zoloft was banned in the UK as it was supposed to have dangerous side effects. The medicine has been linked to birth defects like ASD (atrial septal defect) or VSD (ventricular septal defect) wherein the child develops a hole in the heart chamber. Zoloft when taken during the first trimester can double the risk of problems. Patients who have been on Zoloft treatments for vitacost quite sometime also develop pulmonary hypertension. This condition also passes on to the infants. Women who have refrained from ingesting Zoloft treatments are supposed to be healthier and have also delivered healthy babies.

Babies affected with ASD or VSD suffer from visible symptoms like increase in the breathing rate, swollen legs, feet or abdomen, tiredness, poor eating, infections in the lung, murmur in the heart and so on. Many a times, these symptoms go unnoticed and may also prove to be fatal.

Other Zoloft Birth defect includes persistent pulmonary. It is a disorder wherein there is constriction of the arteries and there is no proper blood flow which could result in symptoms like bluish skin or lips, tiredness or fatigue, heart beat irregularity, pain in the chest, difficulty in breathing and so on. Taking Zoloft medication also has side effects like hot flushes during menopause. In the long term women may experience hormone related problems wherein they may have to go in for hormone replacement therapy.

Some singlecare women who were prescribed these anti-depressants during menopause have also shown positive results and have felt good after taking them. However, we cannot deny the fact that anti-depressants do have a negative effect in the long run for sure. Zoloft is also a commonly prescribed drug for premenstrual dysphoric disorder. However, they have been banned by FDA and are not supposed to be sold over the counter.

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