Can You Think of a Better Place for Hawaiians to Talk with Supreme Court U.S.A. ?

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Comment by Tane on December 10, 2015 at 5:34pm

Little-known fact:  The Hawaiian Kingdom, its constitution, laws and citizens still exist.  The U.S. did not create and establish its own government in Hawaii.  They took over the Hawaiian Kingdom government, displaced the Hawaiian Kingdom subjects in its government (most of them), and renamed it the unlawful, unrecognized Republic of Hawaii, the Territory of Hawaii and finally the state of Hawaii government.  All this under the lawless U.S belligerent occupation.    The departments, originally known as bureaus are still in use and many of the Hawaiian Kingdom laws as well.  The constitution , not ratified by kingdom citizens, has been rewritten by the treasonous people under U.S. military and U.S. mercenary protection.  The Ku'e petitions of 1897 and the parts of the Turpie Resolution of 1894 confirm and reconfirm these facts.  The DOI has no jurisdiction nor authority to meddle in the Hawaii affair.  This would be left up to the DOS to resolve with the Hawaiian Kingdom bona-fide subjects' descendants that still exist today since their nationality is intact and never relinquished.  There is no room for debate; it is what it is.  To adjudicate the U.A. crimes against the Hawaiian Kingdom begins with the required compliance of the U.S. to de-occupy the Hawaiian Kingdom through the necessary process of de-occupation.   Simple.

Comment by kukuna o ka la on December 10, 2015 at 2:25pm

Well, ....... here is Sally Jewell's Plan for all to see:

First,  a "constitution" !  A Tribal Constitution for

                                  The Provisional Government of 2016.

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