Acivir 400 mg DT is a prescription based medicine which is used as an antiviral medication.The main active salt that is used in this medicine is termed as acyclovir (400 mg)This medicine is used for the treatment of issues like chickenpox, genital herpes infection,shingles,herpes simplex,herpes labialis, herpes zoster etc.It does not allow these viruses to spread because these viruses when they enter the body they multiply themselves by shifting to other human cells which leads to increase in their no. and make the symptoms more severe.This medicine is taken on the daily basis and the dosage is prescribed to you by your doctor.You have to complete the full course of this medicine that your doctor prescribes because if you take it less than that time and even small amount of virus stays in your body then it can spread like before which leads to create problems again. Consumption of more and more water is required while you are having this medicine.This medicine has some mild side effects too like headache,nausea, dizziness etc.If you are pregnant or on breastfeeding or any sort of issue related then you must tell your doctor and consult properly. Buy Acivir 400 dt tablets online


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