The day so long desired by the foreign Annexationists at last arrived. On August 12, 1898, annexation exercises were held on the steps of Iolani
Palace--and Hawaii was transferred into the hands of the United States
of America.

With the usual poor taste displayed by the officials of the Republic, invitations were sent to Queen Liliuokalani and her niece, the beautiful Princess Kaiulani, to attend the
ceremonies of the lowering of their flag and the raising of the
American flag! Needless to say, they sent their regrets. It was
supposed by some people that this insult was unintentional, but once
before, shortly after the overthrow of the monarchy, in February, 1893,
Her Majesty had received an invitation to a reception to honor Captain
Wiles of the USS Boston under whose guns she had been forced to give up the reins of government.

Both these invitations had been addressed to Mrs. J. O. Dominis. This crude insult had caused much unfavorable comment in the Hawaiian
language press. They jeered at the depth of ignorance of the
annexationist officials and asked, "Do we hear of Mr. Napoleon
Bonaparte being incarcerated at St. Helena?" This second invitation
could only have been sent with the deliberate intent of humiliating Her
Majesty. Can anyone imagine anything more crude and cruel! "Man's
inhumanity to man makes countless millions mourn."

Part of the propaganda of the foreign Annexationists had been that Hawaiians wanted annexation, but here was the answer. Scarcely an Hawaiian face
was to be seen in the not too large assemblage which gathered in the
palace grounds. This last gesture was a silent protest of the Hawaiian
people. They could do no more. Only those few Hawaiians who had been
forced to swear allegiance to the Republic in order to retain their
government positions, knowing no other means of livelihood, could not
avoid this heartbreak, and were forced to be present among the
officials on that sad day. Those who were present covered their eyes
as their beloved flag was lowered, while tears streamed down their

And where were the forty thousand Hawaiians? They were in their homes with shutters drawn, sorrowful of heart for the "Life of the Land" Had been given away by a group of foreigners who
had betrayed the open-hearted hospitality of the Hawaiians.

This day, so long anticipated by the foreign Annexationsits as a day of great joy, proved a day of great sadness. Many wept unabashed, and
tears glistened in the eyes of even some of the Annexationists as our
beloved flag quivered as though itself in protest on the final quavering
notes of Hawaii Ponoi, Hawaii's national anthem. Then the flag floated down for the last time as the emblem of the land.


Soon the day will come, we will have our freedom and our Nation back from United States. Regardless of what they do to us Hawaiian Nationals, we
will die for our country, because of the continued pain inflicted upon
our people. We are never going away. This is our home. Our ancestral
blood has been spilled across the land for thousands of years. KeAkua
will restore the Kapu on the sacred temples destroyed by evil men of the
past and present. The lands are sacred and not to be sold. May KeAkua
bless our souls and give us life,mana,and Peace.

Long live the Hawaiian Kingdom!!!

Mama kakaua!!!


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Comment by Pomaikaiokalani on September 11, 2010 at 11:19am
ALOHA Kaua, e Bobby, Mahalo nui for this so positive posting.
Long Live The Hawaiian Kingdom, o Pomai
Comment by Pomaikaiokalani on September 11, 2010 at 11:14am
ALOHA Kakou,
For those native Hawaiians who believe in the Blood Quatum law of the United States, yes they have allowed the United States to take over their lives.
For those Hawaiian National Royalist like myself, we are in the process of taking back our Kingdom nation and our lives from the Occupation of the United States. It is a slow process but we are moving forward every day with positive actions. Thou small actions, but they are strong and positive actions.
Hawaiian Nationals no longer will allow any American Laws to take over our lives, without a KUE.
We are Hawaiian Nationals and we know who we are and where we want to go.
Going Home to the Hawaiian Kingdom nation of Queen Liliuokalani for me has been a challenge in many ways. A challenge that I will continue to walk that path. Knowing that it is the path that my Kupuna wants me to walk.
This is why my involvement with the making of the KUE: Anti-Annexation, No Treaty of Annexation Signs are so Pono to me. These are the Kupuna who first stood up to the military and diplomatic forces of the United States protesting the annexation of Hawaii in 1897.
Queen Liliuokalani knew that someday her people would once more raise and take back their country. On January 17, 1993 I recounced my citizenship to the United States and went home to my county, the Hawaiian Kingdom nation of Queen Liliuokalani and my Na Kupuna.
Long Live The Hawaiian Kingdom, o Pomaikaiokalani, Hawaiian Kingdom National Royalist 1993

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