Taobao currently has a cool lantern related product on sale.
There exhibition lighting suppliers are many styles of these cool lights, such as city color light Nordic style, Korean style, European style, Chinese style, simple modern style, etc. in the applicable space of the cool lights, there are many kinds of study, bedroom, small bedroom, dining room and living room, etc. in the power of the cool lights, there are many kinds of power, such as 5W and below, 11.52w/m, 18W, 20W and 21W (inclusive) - 30W (inclusive). In the popular elements of the cool lights, there are tender girl heart and small There are many kinds of fresh, illustrative and hand-painted styles, makaron colors and rural styles. The length of the cool lights is 1m (including) - 5m (including), 6m (including) - 10m (including), 16m (including) - 20M (including) and 30m and above.

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