OK. 'Anake Namaka'eha asked me earlier if I could write a song about the Akaka bill and just how hewa it is. So... even though I've always known it was hewa and i read a little about it a while ago, I figured if I was going to write anything about it, I should read it and understand it. I just got done reading about it on wikipedia and a few other sites and I just can't believe just how hewa this thing is.... How the hell is this actually getting as far as it is? This is, and well should be, a HIGH priority for our people TO STOP. I need help fully understanding it and I am willing to bleed if need be to get the message out there that this AKAKA bill is HEWA. After I understand the whole bill you can be sure i'm going to email and call the people I voted for a few months ago and let them know my position. "Eh, Sharon Har, you remember me, you commented on my kalo patch in the kapolei homestead..... ".

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Comment by Pomaikaiokalani on January 29, 2009 at 10:23am
I have "Gone Home" to my country, the Hawaiian Kingdom. It's as simple as picking up your bags and going home. I'm not waitting for anyone to tell me that I now have a Hawaiian nation that they approve. The AKaKa BILL and all the Models of Sovereignty that is out there, is not my Home, not my country, not my nation and not my Kingdom. Everything that belongs to Hawaiians rest in the Hawaiian Kingdom. The State of Hawaii is an American Fraud on the Hawaiian people. Long Live The Hawaiian Kingdom, o Pomaikaiokalani
Comment by Namaka'eha on January 29, 2009 at 9:55am

This is an important issue that needs to be addressed regarding the AKAKA BILL! Yes, I'm politically delayed, however input from po'e who consistently talk about this issue gives more MANA to task at hand. What do you think about composing the song together? Two muscians joing force to give our kanaka maoil a greater force of MANA! Hey, when we do have a chat face to face, I'll supply the somen salad dressing and kanaka maoili sauces. A nice way to chat and eat together. Let me know what you think - making me hungry already!
Comment by Donna Burns on January 29, 2009 at 7:10am
Aloha mai Mana,

Seems ALL of aren't sleeping any more. When my sister, who had lived in Hana learned about our history from a very akamai woman there...she started explaining it to me...slowly. I had to "unchain my brain" as Keleikoa has said. We have been so lied to for so long, that it takes a major SHIFT in how we view information. You...are well on your way.

I got most information off the STOPakaka bill website. It lays it out pretty clearly.

Yesterday, there was a hearing at the Capitol and I did think about emailing you to let you know. It is a real education to see how all this unfolds. The meet was a press conference called by the "Legislative Hawaiian Caucus" which is members from the Senate (Clayton Hee, Brickwood Galuteria, Kalani English and others) and the House (Mele Caroll, Faye Hanohano, Karen Awana, to name a few) and a group of us Kanaka Maoli representing the far left (us) to the middle ground
(people like the head of the Hawaiian Civic Clubs) met before hand to discuss OUR message at this press conference.

The other thing I did was go to Free Hawaii and watch ALL their videos. I stopped watching tv, except Boston Legal, and watched anything and everything I could find on You Tube re: our issues.
Koani Foundation is an excellent source. Also, Keanu Sai's website: hawaiiankingdom.org. His is pretty thick and "heady" and complex...but it is ALL there...if you wnat to know the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Pono and I are working on a show together about getting our Kingdom back, which we are starting next week sometime. His cousin is Tane, the one that just emailed you. Very smart guy and knows his facts. He's actually brilliant.

The one thing that I keep reminding ourselves is this. We don't have all the time in the world. I think that there is a small window of opportunty to MOVE things. The signs are here. The puka is being opened up for us to push through. OUr ancestors were unbelievably akamai and laid the path for us ....but we need to watch for the signs...be mindful of our steps...and don't waste time in areas that won't bring about the full retoration of our Kingdom. There are many distractors out there. Be mindful and keep your eyes open. I believe you are one to see the path clearly. I am also an artist, more visual, but my Mom was a singer in her days. She knew all the words to all our songs. The old songs...anyway.

Oh yeah...THE most important book to read...and the one I always tell people to read FIRST is:
"Hawaii's Story by Hawaii's Queen"...by our Queen of course. Then...when you read everything else ....it all fits in. The wisdom of our Ali'i as well as ALL kanaka maoli is so inspiring.

I do not speak our language yet...neva have time. Best of everyhing on your knowlege of our people.
There are so many differing opinions out there, so it is important that you go to the right sources. If you ever need help with that...I can help you get to those sources. My "puka" is visual arts....not so smart in the other areas, but know those who are.

imua ....so proud of our people,
Comment by Mana Kaleilani Caceres on January 29, 2009 at 5:27am
Mahalo! Your replys are the perfect way to wake up this morning. I can go forward this day with this new 'ike, therefore can go forward from this day on, with this new 'ike. I have to run out the door to take my kids to Wai'anae and my wife to town but I will be on later to form some thoughts. Mahalo 'anake, mahalo Kamauna and as always, mahalo 'anakala Tane for sharing this 'ikepili. 'O ke kahua ma mua, ma hope ke kekulu. Mahalo.
Comment by Tane on January 29, 2009 at 2:37am
Governing entity is equivalent to a high school studentbody government or any group that establishes a governing system; it isn't what most people think. Semantics! It's a feel-good title for the unwary. Be aware of what is not said. Although we wouldn't be regarded under the Bureau of Indian Affairs, we still fall under the indigenous policy of the U.S. This means we are subject to the same Indian Policy (under the Akaka Bill) just by the wording of the Bill. In 1871, Senate declares that Indian nations will no longer be recognized as independent powers with whom treaties can be contracted. 1871: As part of President U. S. Grant's so-called "peace policy," 71 Indian agencies are assigned to various denominations. This was meant to end corruption in the Bureau of Indian Affairs and assign Christian missionaries the task of working with the tribes. The Lutheran churches were assigned the Sac and Fox Reservation, now the Mesquakie Indian Reservation near Tama, Iowa. In Hawai'i, it would probably be the Congregational Church as Kawaihao. If they're going to put it under a Christian Church.

If you read my Blogs or Forums, I have argued against the Akaka Bill. One thing is you can't reorganize a tribal govrnment that never was; it is the Kingdom of Hawai'i that they want to relegate into a tribal governing entity. It is the Hawaiians that they want to recognize their governing entity which would usurp its jurisdiction and subjugate to a dependent "nation" of which there is no such thing (nation within a nation); it is correctly called an occupation. The U.S. is saying for us to recognize this governing entity which will have the power to negotiate away our rights as nationals, lands and resources, and our territory. It also eliminates our bona fide Hawai'i nationals of non-kanaka maoli blood.

The other factory is with the Indian policy, Congress has plenary authority and the power to do as it chooses. This means they could negotiate for all the lands and leave us with the Hawaiian Homestead Act which we already have to place 50%+ Native Hawaiians onstill-waiting lands. Congress can easily un-recognize us as a recognized tribe as they have in the past with other native Americans and we'd be out of luck because we already gave up all of our rights by joining the Akaka Bill's Reorganization Government Act. Under the Secretary of INTERIOR, it will be decided how native Hawaiians can construct their constitution; but under their approval. They could instill a blood quantum that they are so famous for doing. What will the minimum be? 50%? 25? After that, many Hawaiians will not qualify and be eliminated from the roll.

We'd be much less off than we are today. When has the U.S. honored any of its treaties and agreements? Look at its history. Smoke and Mirrors is all it is. If we take the bait; we all lose. It would mean that we surrendered to the bully. Many suffer from the Stockholme Syndrome and it is they who will bring us down if we let them. We can't give them that satisfaction.

Legally, we have more of a case and rights than the U.S. does. For the U.S. to deny our independence is to create us as stateless people in our own homeland and country. They tried to take our confidence and self-worth away from us. Now is the time to dispell that notion. Only retards would support the Akaka Bill for not understanding what that Bill intends. I will never accept that Bill nor the governing entity which OHA is trying to put together for the Bill. Why would we want to give them the entire pie that we own just to have them throw back a few crumbs?

He Hawai'i au a mau loa!

Comment by Kamaunu Kaha'i'ali'i II on January 29, 2009 at 1:18am
Aloha E Mana,

Mahalo for your aloha, courage and mana to speak up about the Akaka bill and why it is hewa for our people. I also believe, very strongly, that the Akaka bill will not serve to defend, promote and/or provide for the best interest or common welfare of our people. Many are being misled to believe that the Akaka bill is the solution to many of the challenges and conflicts we face today. However, embedded within the bill itself are ambiguous and / or distortedhalf truths which appear to be designed to shield the United States from any potential liability which may arise / result from the fact that they issued an apology to us, for participating in the unconstitutional overthrow of an otherwise friendly nation. At first glance, section 1 of the bill appears to imply or suggest that there is an existing Native Hawaiian Government in need of "Reorganization". If this is true, I don't believe that the Constitution of the United States grants any powers to Congress to help reorganize the government of another country. The Akaka bill also proposes to establish a "governing entity" comprised of nine individuals who do not necessarily have to be of hawaiian ancestry. The use of the term "entity" seems to suggest / imply that the bill will authorize the creation of another special interest group or department. It is not, does not, can not authorize the reorganization of a Native Hawaiian Government The individuals comprising this entity dont necessarily have to be Hawaiian, they just need to demonstrate some proficiency in Hawaiian genealogy and possess the ability to translate Hawaiian to English. I could go on...but I will stop right here...If you like I can help write some of the lyrics to send our our message against the Akaka bill through song...

Malama pono,

Comment by Namaka'eha on January 29, 2009 at 12:44am

I was just turning off the lights after researching genealogy tonight. Thank you ulukau.org. I stopped by and noticed your blog. It's tough, but doable. I was ringing in a tune - AKAKA PRAYS TO PASS A BILL ON CAPITOL HILL THIS COMING SESSION, OBAMA IS ELECTED AND WE ARE ALL AFFECTED AND CEDED LANDS ARE AN OBSESSION, KANAKA MAOLI LANDS NO MOA, KINDGOM NO MOA, WHY U NEED A VOTE FOA...

Hey, I was playing with words and was reading more about the AKAKA BILL. I'm sure others have input and the message we send has MANA!

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