A Quick Guide to Fantasy Sports App Development

Fantasy sport is one of the fastest-growing markets in the gaming industry. Millions of people are a fan of fantasy sports because of the unmatched level of entertainment involved in it. And these fans are always willing to try out new fantasy sports platforms that have something unique and improved to offer them. Thus, if you are having a unique or impactful thought in mind for a fantasy sports app, executing it will be a lucrative decision. Your investment in fantasy sports app development will be worthwhile as you can attract a massive audience and good ROI. 

However, this can be true only if your app is worth the user's time and attention. Meaning that you need to build feature-rich, bug-free, and high-performing applications that can allure users and keep them hooked. Here, we have created a quick guide that will help understand various aspects of the development and build an app successfully. 

Do a Through Research 

The first step towards building a fantasy sports app is researching the market thoroughly. You must analyze the competitors, current trends, target audience, and other aspects and prepare a plan accordingly. This research will get you many competitive advantages and be successful with your app. 

Decide the Features 

Features play a crucial role in the success of your fantasy sports app. The more engaging features your app has, the better traction it will get. Here is the list of some essential features you must cover in your fantasy sports app:

User App 

  • Registration
  • User Profile Setting
  • Scoreboard 
  • Rewards
  • Team Management 
  • Create and Join Contests
  • Live Streaming
  • Referral Bonus 
  • Achievement Badges

Admin App 

Admin Login

Game Management 

User Management

Transaction Management 

Detailed Admin Dashboard  

Real-time Analytics 

Additional Features 

  • Location tracking 
  • Push notification
  • Live scores
  • Social media sharing
  • Real-time analytics
  • Multiple payment options
  • User mail reminder
  • Cryptocurrency support


Once you have created a plan and decided on the features and functionality, it is time to get to the designing part. Design is one of the crucial aspects of improving user engagement. You need to pay close attention to the user interface and gameplay design. The interface design should be user-friendly yet attractive and should offer an easy, secure, smooth onboarding experience. Also, do not use complex design components, too many font types, and too many texts. With a well-designed, easy, and intuitive app design, you can attract a better number of users and encourage them to keep coming back. 


To build a scalable, robust fantasy sports app, you need to use the right technologies and tools. Here are a few technologies used by the most popular fantasy sports applications. 

Programming Languages: Flutter, Java, PHP, React Native, C, Kotlin, Swift

Database: MySQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, PostgreSQL, MailChimp Integrations, or HBase

Front-end Framework: CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, HTML5, jQuery, AngularJS

Payment Gateways: Stripe, PayPal, Braintree, e-Wallets, Net Banking

Push Notification: Apple push notifications, Twilio

Cost to Build a Fantasy Sports App 

The development cost for a fantasy sports application depends on several factors such as features, the complexity of UI/X design, API integration, platform (iOS/Android), hourly rates of the fantasy sports app development company/developers, and more. Your individual choices and requirements related to all such factors will affect the total development cost. For instance, building a cross-platform app may cost you more than a native app. However, it can help you attract more audiences. Also, developers/companies from different countries have different hourly rates. For example, developers in Asian countries may charge $15-$20 per hour. 

However, the total estimated cost to build a fantasy sports app may go around $30000 - $45000.

On a Final Note! 

From the features to functionality and technologies, you must have a profound understanding of every aspect to develop a powerful fantasy sports application. If you don’t have the same, it is wise to reach out to the experts in this area. Ensure to choose a reliable company, having proven experience in the fantasy sports area. 

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