So I am walking back from lunch along Kapiolani Boulevard when I hear someone say, "Behind you!"

My first inclination is to stop and turn around, but since I don't recognize the voice and I am not sure what "behind you" is supposed to be telling me, I simply go toward the nearest edge of the sidewalk (in this case, the left) and continue walking.

Next thing I know, this older guy on his bicycle comes up on my right repeating, " Behind you!" and this time adding, " what are you deaf?"

So I respond with, "Try saying 'left' or right', brother, or how about getting your bike onto the street where it belongs!"

Mind you, I am walking on the sidewalk along Kapiolani which is only enough room for two people to pass each other and not enough for a person and a bike. In addition to being illegal to ride on the sidewalk (to the best of my knowledge), it is not nearly wide enough for a bicycle to be weaving in among the pedestrians.

But this guy compounds the issue by calling out the wrong phrase. He should have said, "On your left!" and I would have moved to my right and he could have gotten past me. The best part is that this works in a variety of situations, but it does assume that you know you right from your left.

So to you Mr. Belligerent Bicyclist, congratulations for winning the inagural Loser of the Day Award! No worry, you will lots of company soon!

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