Here's How The US & The Office Of Hawaiian Affairs Are Planning To Do It

By their own laws, the US cannot simply walk in and take Hawaiian land titles and erase the word "Royal" and replace it with "United States" Patent.

They and the State of Hawai`i have never had clear title to land in Hawai`i since Jan 17, 1893. They know this.

The only way the United States will ever be able to get clear title to Hawaiian Islands is if Hawaiians give it to them.

This is why title to the Hawaiian islands never transferred to the United States by the Newlands resolution.

The Newlands resolution relied on a treaty of Annexation from the republic of Hawai`i.

But the Republic never owned title because the Kingdom of Hawai`i never gave it to them.

But now they got a plan -they are going to get Hawaiians to give title to them.

How Will They Do That?

They are already trying to register a majority of Hawaiians on a "Kau Inoa" roll.

Then they're going to draft governing documents to "re-organize the Hawaiian government."

They 're going to get Hawaiians to elect officers to that government.

Next, they're going to make sure those governing documents give the officers of the government the authority to give away title in negotiations.

Then, they're going to try to get the majority of Hawaiians on the roll to vote for the new governing documents to reorganize the Hawaiian government.

Then that government authorized and approved by the majority of Hawaiians will sit down at the negotiating table with the US and trade land title for cash and benefits

Many people believe that only the Kingdom of Hawai`i is authorized to give a way title to the Hawaiian Islands - and they are correct, but only as long as the kingdom remains intact.

If the majority of its subjects revolt by forming a new government, the kingdom no longer exists.

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