More and more people are beginning to publicly question the legitimacy of the Office Of Hawaiian Affair’s Kau Inoa campaign.

Hawaiians who may have been early signers as well as those who did not now question it’s real purpose versus what OHA has been claiming it’s for.

What’s telling of course is OHA’s inability to explain why Hawaiians should support Kau Inoa other than the single word “because…” in their marketing campaign.

And in spite of continued denials by OHA trustees that the list will never be used to promote the Akaka bill, everyone knows differently.

Even former OHA trustees have acknowledged as recently as this last week that signers names will in fact be used in the future by OHA to claim broad based support by Hawaiians for federal recognition.

All of this of course being funded with millions of Hawaiian beneficiary dollars that along with Akaka bill lobbying some in the know are now claiming approaches the 20 million dollar mark.

So what can you do? Is there a way to stop this madness?

Even if you’re one of those who signed on the Kau Inoa registry, but now regret doing so, it’s not too late.

Over the next few weeks on Free Hawai`i TV we’ll be giving you information as well as actions you can take to let OHA know you don’t support their plans.

Stay tuned to Free Hawai`i TV – there’s some amazing things to come soon to show you ways to say “No!” to both Kau Inoa and the Akaka bill.

And if you support our issues on the Free Hawai`i Broadcasting Network, please email this to a friend and see below how you can help us continue our work.

Mahalo to all who have let us know how much the late Kumu John Keola Lake meant to you and ways in which he touched your lives.

We received messages literally around the world from not only formers students, but also admirers of this amazing man and his life. We air our visit with him again this week.

Remember, Voices Of Truth now airs on Maui on a brand new day – Mondays at 6:30 PM on Akaku, channel 53.

And we have a brand new show this week from Hawai`i island we hope you’ll be equally inspired by as well on Voices Of Truth Voices Of Truth – One-On-One With Hawai`i’s Future.

MONDAY, May 26th At 7:00 PM & FRIDAY, May 30th At 5:30 PM
Hawai`i Island – Na Leo, Channel 53
THURSDAY, May 29th At 8:30 PM & FRIDAY, May 30th At 8:30 AM
Kaua`i – Ho`ike, Channel 52
“Keeping The Old Ways Alive – A Visit With Kumu John Keola Lake”

A true living legend, Kumu John Lake, who passed away recently, lived his heritage.

For more than four decades he shared his knowledge of Hawaiian language, hula and chant. And he did it with a geniality that drew people to him, that makes you recall the kupuna of old.

Because of his deep love for the culture, it came out in his personality, the way he taught and shared information. He made you want to be informed and live it that way yourself.

Why then is it so important to bring the knowledge of the past to the present? What messages do our ancestors have waiting for us to learn today?

Join us in our visit with Kumu Lake, an incomparable wellspring of knowledge who made a priceless impact on so many, as he shows us why the lessons of old are the keys to success for our Nation today.

MONDAY, MAY 26th At 6:30 PM Maui – Akaku, Channel 53
“Eyes Of The Kupuna – A Visit With Aunty Pele Hanoa”

Imagine living next to a beautiful black sands beach, a place you’ve lived your entire life.

Nature is at your door. The ocean, the beach, endangered turtles use the area coming ashore to breed.

Now also imagine tour buses pulling up next to your home and brining one thousand tourists a day. That’s right, one thousand tourists every single day.

Tourists who harass the turtles, steal the sand for souvenirs, leave litter, and behave obnoxiously.

How would you like to put up with that every day of your life?

Aunty Pele does.

Born and raised in Punalu`u, she’s a prime example of old Hawai`i - staying on the land where you were born, because you were taught from an early age to malama the `aina – care for your ancestral land.

All around her things are changing – and not for the better. Multi-national corporations building developments on the shore and then stealing the water from agricultural lands for their projects.

Yet none of this stops her.

Be sure and catch our visit with Aunty Pele. You’ll be as inspired as we were by this remarkable kupuna who stops at nothing and whose message is one you’ll long remember – “We accepted everyone who came to Hawai`i. Now they should reciprocate by protecting and caring for what we have.”

SATURDAY, May 31st At 8:00 PM O`ahu - `Olelo, Channel 53
“Kukulu Kumu Hana O Punalu`u – A Visit With Sheryl Waimakalani Iona”

“We don’t say no, we just say come.”

With those words Kukulu Kumu Hana O Punalu`u, a two week residential summer cultural immersion program for children of Ka`u district on Hawai`i island was born.

Kukulu kumu hana, which means to pool one’s thoughts to solve common problems, brings children down to the beach at Punalu`u to discover who they are and their connection to the `aina.

Started by the late Keola Hanoa, Sheryl Iona stepped in after her cousin’s passing. She had big shoes to fill, but for Sheryl, that was no problem at all.

She tells us, “We share with them who we see they’ll become. They always end up being it, having pride in themselves, their culture and their ancestors.”

Participants now come from all over the island, even foster children, to learn respect, values, commitments and to malama (care for) each other and the `aina.

With the original students now acting as teachers, the circle keep growing as participants learn the cultural importance of cleaning the land, planting, and rising early each morning, chanting to greet the sun.

You’ll be as moved as we were in our amazing visit with Sheryl as she shares with us the secret of her success - “We love these children no matter what and see them as they are. In the end, they always leave feeling good about themselves and their future.”

Voices Of Truth interviews those creating a better future for Hawai`i to discover what made them go from armchair observers to active participants in the hopes of inspiring viewers to do the same.

Please consider a donation today to help further our work. Every single penny counts.

You may donate via PayPal at or by mail –
The Koani Foundation
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If you missed a show, want you see your favorites again or you don’t live in Hawai`i, here’s how to view our shows anytime – visit and simply click on the episodes you wish to view.

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It’s all part of the Free Hawai`i Broadcasting Network.

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