OHA Trustee Oswald Stender once said that Kau Inoa was designed
to be the "roll" that is mentioned in the Akaka bill.

This roll will be the register of the citizens of the "Native Hawaiian
Governing Entity."

In the Akaka bill,
Hawaiians would only get to be a "governing entity" that is subservient to the plenary powers of the US congress.

In other words - the "governing entity"
will be a dependent government beholden to the US with the US calling all the shots.

The Akaka bill process will allow Hawaiians to transform the Hawaiian Kingdom - a member of the Family of Nations - into a subservient "governing entity" of the US.

The Akaka bill also allows for a negotiation to settle claims to the Kingdom's lands.

Any lands that happen to be settled will be held in trust by the US like all Indian lands are. The US has not been a responsible trustee for lands it has held in trust.

The US presently has a clouded title to the so-called "ceded" lands - as
they were "ceded" to the US by the Republic of Hawai`i - that had no good title.

The Akaka bill will "perfect" the title to any and all of the ceded
lands that the US will retain.

In other words, the Akaka bill will complete
the annexation of the 1890s.

In turn, Hawaiians will be wards of the US government. This is like trading
"first class" citizenship for "second class" citizenship.

However, if the US decides to "terminate" the "Native
Hawaiian Governing Entity" at some later date - it can reverse the sovereignty process, resulting in the conversion of all the "trust" lands into its own fee-simple lands - resulting in the second theft of Hawaiian lands.

Bottom line - Kau Inoa is part of the process to make Hawaiians into second
class citizens of the US and to finish the theft of its lands.

Ku Ching

Kamuela, Hawai`i

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Comment by Ululani on May 25, 2008 at 8:36am
I would like some of the former OHA trustees or ANYONE else to look into the Bylaws and recall and replace some of those still on the board who are selling our kupunas' bones for a dollar.

Please please please.

Aloha, Lana
Comment by Malia Mills on May 24, 2008 at 3:45pm
too bad everyone doesn't understand that.

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