Early morning wakeup. Fight traffic to Diamondhead Rd. for a conference. Four hours of etherial nothingness, somebody owes me. Fight traffic to Pauoa. Shopping for a friends wedding. Ze-Craft, Ben Franklin and Flora Dek. 45-minutes of my life lost sitting in traffic on Alakea. Back to work, two hours of pennance. Back to Pauoa then off to Manuheali'i, not for me (rayon dosen't excite me). Wife and friends, shopping at Wards. Dinner at Ryans, damn that beer was good. Cruising at SoHa, damn that table is expensive. Back to Pauoa, hang with Gordon Biersch in the garage. 9:54 pm. Pau.

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Comment by Noelani on March 5, 2008 at 10:46am
Late night prepping notes for Hist 484 waiting for Mahi'ai to show up at his own house. Comes home with Add out of breath, needing to wind down. Jump in the beater to Aku Bones to listen to the sweet sounds of Jon Osorio's guitar and nahenahe-ness. His son is singing during the break, awesome treat! Shooting the breeze with salty salt meat and beeeeeeeeeeer. Manchester calls, same ole' ting. Go home cuz we need to sleep. Watch tv instead, talk mo' story. a laila hiamoe.

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