Yes - someone did steal my future!

The U.S. Army - took my nephew - lied to him, made him feel guilty for not wanting to go back to Iraq - made him feel shame - and then brainwashed him - lies lies and more lies from beginning to end.

I told Ikaika - my darling boy - if you don't want to go you don't have to - you went TWICE already - you're an only son.

He said it's "bigger than him and a numbers game."

OMG - NOTHING IS BIGGER THAN YOU - IKAIKA! Who told you that lie?

And since his heart tells him it's wrong to go and kill Iraqis - to bring "freedom and democracy" to their country - to "civilize" them like they did to our Hawai`i - then if a bullet doesn't get him, his broken heart will - because he will go against his heart and come back a broken soul.

Anybody remember the movie, "The Green Mile?" Recall this line, "...they kills you with your love."

Yes - someone just stole my future.

Kailua, Hawai`i

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