And as I begin a new part of my life, having opened up more time for my studies and my ventures into my cultural heritage, and practicing the reality of modern-day Hawaiian-ness, I hope that I am able to keep up with all the changes occurring.

Some things going on:
+ E puka ana ma Pa Ku'i A Lua
+ Composite makau for an upcoming function, made from bone and old kiawe (donated by 'Olohe Kahakauila)
+ Replica rei puta from beef bone, about 6 inches long
+ Test carving whakairo patterns into some of the makau I already have
+ Training via kumu/kupuna with stone working tools for pounamu pieces mai Aotearoa mai
+ Big paper research for the upcoming AAA meeting in San Francisco (November)
+ Weekends at Bishop Museum (pau!)
+ Summertime internship (Loa'a!)
+ Finishing off the pohaku ku'i 'ai for an upcoming function (Not completed on time)
+ Becoming an official part of Kumulau
+ Ethnographic research into na hulu manu o Maile a me Kaikainahaole (ongoing)
+ Prepping for grad school

Short list of stuff :)

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