So I thought it would be a good idea to make a quick way for me to grow small huli to planting size, and also to get huli from planting corms. I'm gonna try and make some fertilizer for a hydroponic system so I can be economical.

Goal: To create a cheap compounded organic fertilizer, nutrient, and probiotic solution.
Result: We will attain an effective way to fertilize our plants using the lowest input possible, drastically cutting overhead costs.
Ideal Conditions: Closed Controlled Environment
Method: Organic Hydroponic cultivation
Process: Plant taro seedstock and compare and contrast to a control.

First test:
Composted Vermcast Tea used as a fertilizer will be added weekly to support healthy growth.

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Comment by Noe'Lani on March 7, 2015 at 5:50am
Aloha Mai ame AlohaKakahiaka
I am interested in your mastering of "....Vermcast tea...." & how has this fertilizer method kokua, you?
Mahalo for reading this comment dated: March 7, 2015. Mahalo Nui Loa Na KeAkua ame Mary Mary Full of Grace for our PapaHouNua. From: Noi'lani
Comment by Kaohi on June 2, 2009 at 4:35am
I cannot believe I found likeness for worms worm enthusiastics on Maoli world. Although I have a worm hotel in my yard, I do not beleive in it whole heartedly. I love my worms, and the tea that I produce is soooo awesome. I am experimenting with it. The vermi cast and tea does wonders to my plants. Have any of you visited the worm farm in Waimanalo? Bumby's group is two doors up. Glenn, is a pretty good guy, his person bred worm is the yellow tip worms. Too bad, we can't share worms with other islanders, I'm told it's against the law. I don't know about adding worms to the environment. Does anybody no what happen to the bananas and the cause for diseases was a particular worm? I don't have chickens to scratch the surface and eat the worms. I realy don't have a sustainable environment for systems. Kaohi
Comment by Steven Hookano on January 25, 2009 at 10:23pm
aloha my name is Steven a mahiai kalo farmer from the east side of maui ALOHA happy give and recieve mana'o to malama haloa you right yes we need to find ways to create cheep alternative ways to keep haloa healthy, healthy soil, healthy plant, healthy people.Funny today i was thinking of my kalo and ways to help keep it healthy and this tea hit my mind i was wondering if you used it in kalo farming something i would want to get in to ive bin using organic methods a year now and great results it taking years to get good huli by selection and with out cold water makes it hard disease sets in to the kalo and soil due to bacteria from stagnet water this is where potash of sulfate is used 0-0-50 or 0-0-22 k mag it helps the kalo recover from stress ive gotten great results disease was very limited and taro was big and healthy huli was tall and big after 15 months on the MOI variety no pocket rot about 5lb makua, lehua on the other hand it had pocket rot very small kine but satisfactory nice kalo im stoked.for nitrogen i use palletized chicken manure all organic.Crop rotation,fallowing,huli selection,moon also helps ph is very importent cold water is a must hit me up I like talk. Aloha kanu haloa
Comment by Billie Kahiapo on April 20, 2008 at 8:21am
E Aloha,

I think "Akua" directed me to your site!! We run a youth group in Waimanalo and a community garden for adults. We live on homestead land and have started to garden in our backyards. We started vermicasting (I really love my worms!). We use our vermicast tea on our plants and and the plants just love it!! I want to do a hydroponic organic system with the tea and need to get more information. If you don't mind, could you share your "mana'o" on how your vermicast tea works on your hydroponic system??


Billie Kahiapo

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