My Client Today... and the Republican Party in Hawai'i Needs to Learn How to Speak to Hawaiians

For my family and friends some of whom I will end up haunting LOL:

Earlier today I went to see one of my clients. While driving there I thought about her possibly asking me who I was voting for and who I think is better between McCain and Obama. My choice is obvious. Who is against the Akaka Bill? McCain so obviously he got my vote but it surprised me that she asked me exactly what I thought she would. Of course she is voting for McCain too but I was surprised that she asked me who I am voting for :P

I voted absentee and yes I am hoping and praying even though I am not 100% Christian that McCain OWNS it because if McCain wins then he won't send our keiki to the wolves in Washington DC while a vote for Obama is a vote to send our keiki to be eaten alive by the wolves in Washington DC.

That is an inherent problem with the Republican Party in Hawai'i. IMHO they need to learn how to SPEAK to Hawaiians. While I have been a registered Democrat from 1985 til 2000 then came the Akaka Bill which was created by the Democrats so in 2000 I became a registered Republican. Yes... a registered REPUBLICAN which the local media in Hawai'i tries to portray as mean, nasty, white collar bitches. However "Republican" is not mutually exclusive to any of the aforementioned.

For me this is what I would say on behalf of the Republican Party in Hawai'i:

"Republicans do not want the Akaka Bill.

President Bush was set to VETO the Akaka Bill. Senator McCain strongly opposes the Akaka Bill while Senator Obama supports it.

The choice is clear: Between the two Senator McCain is better to Hawaiians while Senator Obama is set to send our keiki to be eaten alive by the wolves and he will also allow them to slit their throat and suck the LIFE out of our keiki.

Therefore more Hawaiians should be voting for McCain DESPITE the local media's BIAS and LIES."

In my experience Hawaiians understand and are some of THE most reasonable people ever. However it's unfortunate that the media is so powerful in Hawai'i. So powerful that they have some Hawaiians mistakenly believing that Republicans are evil.

Then again trust is VERY important to me and while BOTH Democrats AND Republicans did and do our kupuna wrong who plans to send our keiki to be eaten ALIVE by the wolves in Washington DC? You will NOT read this in the local media. However you will hear it from me LOL....

Of course I don't want to jinx myself because before I drove to see one of my clients I thought about her asking me who I was voting for and who I think is better for US sure enough she asked me.

I know that some other Republicans watch me like a hawk LMAO... but IMHO Republicans in Hawai'i need to learn to SPEAK TO HAWAIIANS. Tell them how they are helping Hawaiians MORE than Democrats are.

IMHO if they learned to SPEAK to Hawaiians then more Hawaiians will be like me and realize that the Democrats created the Akaka Bill and are set to send our keiki to be eaten alive by the wolves.

They need to LEARN to SPEAK to Hawaiians. I mean really SPEAK to Hawaiians.

I know that some people STILL insist on clinging to the Democrats. I don't blame them because the media is very powerful and BIASED in Hawai'i. Ironically those Hawaiians who are voting for Senator Obama are voting to send our keiki to the wolves in Washington DC. The Republican Party should mention this but then it's always the little things that some people forget yet it's the little things that matter.

Of course it doesn't help that racist pigs like Senator Sam Slom and Ken Conklin seem to be racist Republicans but not all Republicans are racist pigs. As usual it's the few pilau who reflect POORLY on the rest of us whether it be the Republican party to which I belong... or the Kamehameha Schools where there are SOME alumni who are arrogant and/or who do not help other Hawaiians like we PROMISE to do. It's always the few pilau who reflect POORLY on the rest of us. "Republican" is not mutually exclusive to "racist pig" though. Two racist pigs happen to reflect poorly on Republicans but not ALL Republicans are pilau.

Anyway I leave for Las Vegas tomorrow. I'm attending the Kamehameha Schools All Alumni Reunion. I only attend out of respect for my kupuna (oiwi and non-oiwi) who took care of me, fed me, and helped to raise me and out of respect for those people who were kind and compassionate to me when I was super poor and also to make sure that some of us compassionate, non-arrogant, and/or non-SASSY people are represented LOL I hope I see Mrs. Gerry Johansen again. I like to attend to see her and people like her. As in people who epitomize THE legacy of kindness and compassionate to other Hawaiians INCLUDING less fortunate/poor/socio-economically disadvantaged Hawaiians. I'm fortunate that I can afford to go and I do not forget that many cannot afford to go. Then again I NEVER forget that there are still less fortunate Hawaiians out there. Then again money and power bring out more of who you are and whenever I am near others who have some money too I am reminded of this. .

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Comment by HALE O KEAWE-A-HEULU aka: NAIHE on October 28, 2008 at 11:26pm
I've been a republican since I was 18. However I vote towards who helps the poor and middle class first. I already voted for Obama and ditto what Kamatose is saying as a baseline of my thinking. Republicans dominantly support the corporate world and high dalas. Yes democrats will tax but it will tax where it really won't bruise anyone in the 20 percent tax bracket. Democrats for the most part have a surplus in their "attempts" to balance our deficit. More money for the working poor in what programs they can first maintain and then "attempt" to create. There is too much fat at the top which need to be cut. Households with up to $150,000.00 income per year get tax breaks too if especially if they have a growing family of a minimum of 4 children under the age of 18. It's the same kind of tax breaks that families of $25,000 per year with the same household makeup. The key for families to "make it" is to be wise with their money and stop using credit cards. Save for what they want - the only time they should have or apply for credit is when they are at their first attempt at being a homeowner. They shouldn't own a home unless they have sufficent "basic" savings under their belt in case of losing income to downsizing, layoffs, etc. If everyone read "The Millionaire Next Door" they would understand this concept of thinking - there is no reason a family is not able to experience abundance. For what it's worth, this is just my mana'o. Prayers out to our country "for which it stands"...the worst is not over by any means - and it's only a great time to buy into the market of fear.
Comment by Kamatose on October 28, 2008 at 6:50pm
I'm confused why you support Mccain so strongly when he's said in the past that he would vote for the Akaka bill. Mccain seems very wishy washy to me. I just find it awkward that while now he says he won't support it, it's because he doesn't want Hawaiians to have anything that will reflect a racial platform.

“I would like the record to reflect clearly, though, that I am unequivocally opposed to this bill and that I will not support its passage should cloture be invoked.…I commit to the Senators and the Governor that I remain willing to work with them to address the fundamental legal concerns facing their State. I also recognize the efforts made by Senator Akaka to address some of the criticisms that have been leveled at this legislation. However, I still have a number of significant concerns with this measure. Foremost among these concerns is that, if enacted, S . 147 would result in the formation of a sovereign government for Native Hawaiian people. I am sure that the sponsors have good intentions, but I cannot turn away from the fact that this bill would lead to the crea tion of a new nation based exclusively -- not primarily, not in part, but exclusively -- on race.”

With Mccain as president we may not have to worry about the Akaka bill, but we'll have all new worries like the missionaries calling us savages again. He will make everything racially based. I just don't see how Mccain in office will help us any.

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